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6 Amazing Things You Can Do With Just One Finger

The Pointer Finger Is The Most Useful Finger You Own

Six Things You Can Do With One Finger

The other day I was cursing not having an extra index finger as I struggled to tie a bow on a birthday present. While the bow ended up looking like a 3-year-old’s first attempt at tying a shoe, it got me thinking about this amazing digit and all it can do.  Also known as the pointer finger, this leader of the hand is, dare I say, the most amazing finger you own.  Nope, this finger is not a one-hit wonder like its aggressive, road-ragey neighbor. No other finger can both communicate and help facilitate as many of your daily duties as the pointed perfection that is the index finger.

So let’s celebrate this remarkable digit and all the things it can do.

Call Your Kids Over

It’s grocery time but your kids got stalled at the toy display and are now transfixed by the enticing wares. Sadly you didn't notice until you were ten feet ahead and realized there was no pitter patter of little feet behind you. You don't need to raise your voice to get those kiddos up and moving again. Thanks to your handy dandy index finger you don’t even need to say one word. Just catch their eye, curl up that finger and motion them to come to you. The groceries await. 

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See Your Best Friend

It’s been ages since you’ve met up. You’ve driven over to her house, walked up to the door, and now you’re seconds away from what could potentially be the most epic girl’s night out ever. Take that hand out of your pocket, bring Pointy Pointerson up to doorbell height, press, and let the good times roll.

Find Out Who Did It

You stayed up late every night, ignored phone calls from your friends, and have eaten popcorn for dinner seven days in a row. With one page left to go in the book you couldn't put down it’s finally truth time. Take a deep breath, lick that finger and flip the page to find out how your story ends.

Learn Anything

Why is the sky blue? How do you potty train your toddler? Where can I find the closest pizza palace? No longer do you have to pull out dusty encyclopedias or crumpled Yellow Pages to find the answers to all your questions. Just type those words into the search engine on your computer, then relish the mystic moment when your index finger clicks on the mouse and in less time than it takes to blink, your answers await. Information in nano-seconds. You're practically brandishing a magic wand right on your hand.

Lick Icing From A Bowl

You worked hard baking all your holiday treats, and now it’s golden time. But to make this moment absolute perfection it's important to send those kids out of the kitchen. Point them off in a different direction, relish the silence, then dip that finger in the icing bowl and go to town. You deserve it.

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Let Your Kids Know They’re In Trouble

You can see your kids across the park trying to bury your pet pooch in the sand. You don’t even need to get off the bench to convey the amount of trouble they’ll be in if your pup is put in the ground. Simply frown those eyebrows, stick your hero finger straight out and wag it up and down. Shovels will be dropped and the only thing left wagging will be your dog’s tail.


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