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7 'Let's Get Real About This' Reasons to Love Autumn

Enough with the beautiful colours and all things pumpkin spice

dogs in halloween costumes

Oh, I know. There’s thousands of articles ruminating why autumn is the best season ever. The beautiful colours, crisp mornings, all things pumpkin spice…but let’s get real. There are WAY better reasons than apple picking and scarves. 

1) Keeping The Good Apples For Yourself

I will argue to my death that Honey Crisp apples are the absolute best apples on the planet. Unfortunately, I need to take out a second mortgage in order to afford these little round balls of crisp happiness which is why I hide them from the kids then silently laugh as they eat their Granny Smiths.


2) Sweater Weather

I’m not a big fan of hot itchy sweaters but I am a big fan of being able to wear all my pants unbuttoned because fall sweaters cover the top of my jeans.



3) The Aftermath of Apple Picking

My favourite fall pastime is drinking spiked cider after taking my kids apple picking because it went 100% the complete opposite to how I envisioned it. 



4) Front Porch Sitting Takings on a Whole New Meaning

Sitting on my front porch dressed up in a Halloween costume and scaring the sh*t out of anyone who comes to my house to sell me a new furnace, hot water tank, and/or religion. Yes, please.


5) No More Gardening

I spent the entire summer weeding and watering in a vain attempt to keep our flowers and garden alive. But guess what? It’s okay for your plants to die in the fall, it’s all part of the life cycle. 



6) Pet Costumes

Need I say more? 



7) Eating Halloween Candy While Your Kids Are At School

Listen, we're just saving them from themselves. Someone needs to take one for the team. 


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