There’s nothing cozier than a snowy day spent under a mountain of blankets watching the best holiday movies.
photography, bokeh
Bokeh is when you take a photo that focuses on an object and has a blurry background that may contain lights, shapes or random swirls. This is how you do it.
woman sitting in wedding dress with black background
Get out from behind and camera and capture yourself now as the mom and the woman you’ll want to remember
by: Jenn Wint
Best fall books for kids
During fall, books that normalize transitions and the feelings that come with them can start great conversations. These are the books you'll want to get!
by: Jenn Wint
pile of books to read this summer
Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to read all of these books by summer's end.
by: Jenn Wint
All of these books feature female role models that encourage girls to challenge the norm and to celebrate their individuality.