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Is homework a hassle at your house? This teacher thinks you can lighten the load on both you and your kids by doing this.
“Privilege” is not an obscure word in our house.

We’re standing around the bar sipping beer and getting to know one another and the topic inevitably turned to what everyone does for a living.
Honey and Sriracha Popcorn
This is going to be your new "go to" popcorn treat.

Unexpected Bonuses of Motherhood
Some of the benefits to parenting can be surprising and unexpected.
Learning to Care About the Things That Really Matter
Is it true that you care less as you get older, or that you just care about the right things?
“I’m thirty-eight years old!” said Homer Simpson. “This is bullshit!” said I.
I spent months pouring over parenting and newborn books while pregnant with my first born. I was particularly obsessed with how-to breastfeeding manuals.