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Empty Bedroom
She would be 3 right now. She would be talking and laughing and running through the house with her sisters. I’ll never know what my baby girl could have been.
A scientific study has published a jaw-dropping report about the impact of physical touch on a child’s DNA.

“What are you writing?” My seven-year-old asks, walking into my bedroom while I sit propped up against pillows, my laptop balanced on my thighs.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Strip Away Fear and Empower Your Health

getting kids to sleep on their own
The best antidote to sleep deprivation is laughter. These ten tips will help your kids sleep through the night and maybe even get your roof re-shingled.
“Think of your breast as a big juicy burger,” my midwife said, while squeezing my massively engorged breast, shoving it into my impossibly tiny newborn’s mouth
My kids have no bedtime. No, they’re not teenagers. They’re nine and seven.
Yes, You're an Adult. And YES, You Need Vaccination Booster Shots
You're probably due for one or ore of these vaccines.