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Mother in kitchen sitting at table with daughter in the background
Six little words came tumbling out of her mouth: “I had sex and I like it.” 
Hiding From Your Kids
That little break in your day is known as 'self-care'.

sitting girl who looks embarrassed
My teacher publicly ridiculed my classmate and I and invited our friends to join in on the fun.
Woman with headwrap looking out window
Telling my three children I have cancer was maybe my worst moment ever.

How do you describe “a stranger” to a child? 
Riley’s aggression quickly escalated. He would be calm one moment and ferocious the next.
by: Sue Nador
Bio moms and stepmoms may not always agree and feel there are too many shades of grey, unspoken rules, and boundaries, and they'd be right!
Co-parenting. It’s a murky world filled with more shades of grey than you ever knew existed.