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Well, it finally happened. Twitter found someone to universally hate.
Blubber. Well, that was one way to put it. Judy Blume pulled no punches.

Other people's sweet little newborns fill my bucket. And they also make me kind of bitter.
Here is a Guaranteed Conversation Starter, Even with Strangers
Want an easy group conversation starter at a dinner party or event? Try "so, what was your first concert?"

Boys Need Female Role Models, Too
My oldest son has chosen to go as Ant Man for Halloween. After years of making creative costumes for my kids, I am willing to let Party City take over.
Coming Alive in the Best Season of All - Fall
It’s mid-October. If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of defeated clicks and heavy sighs as families reluctantly switch on the heat.
The Amazing Benefits of Not Caring About What Your Kids Wear
Parenting is a day-to-day process of managing and triaging the number of effs you need to give to each and everything your precious little child does.
Short Story: In January 2016 I joined a gym. Here's why I've never been.