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“I can get a piece of ass any time I want. I got Caroline in the bedroom right now, passed out cold. I could violate her 10 different ways if I wanted to."
Over the course of my 20s, I found myself “outgrowing” all manner of things in my life.

“There were lots of dads there today! Dads are the best!” My daughter’s enthusiasm should have been infectious.
When Ellen DeGeneres’s character came out on her 90s sitcom, the shit hit the fan. It made headlines, the show died, and Ellen nearly lost her career.

When I was a new mum it became pretty clear that if I wanted to establish meaningful relationships with other parents I was going to have to be a grown up.
“Did you actually say that?” my friend claps her hand over her mouth, stifling a laugh.
My son LOVES books. It might be a genetic thing. I was a passionate reader as a child. It began with The Hardy Boys series.
It’s the end of the month and financially everything is looking good for our family. Our bank account is healthy, our fridge is full.