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These classic Judy Blume books changed the way we looked at ourselves - and others.
“What are you writing?” My seven-year-old asks, walking into my bedroom while I sit propped up against pillows, my laptop balanced on my thighs.

Don't Worry, Be Dutch: Have the Dutch discovered the secret to happiness? It sure looks like it | Parenting | YummyMummyClub.ca
Studies say Dutch moms and families are among the happiest, most relaxed in the world.
We are the sandwich generation. Being the caregiver for others is part of who we are; but we also need to care for ourselves.

Organizing Your Bedroom
Your bedroom should be a soft place to land, so don't let household chaos take over; tame it!
Some might say “Embrace them and flaunt your stuff!” But that just wasn’t me.
Do These Things Every Day
A few minutes spent on these chores every day goes a long way towards getting into a clean routine.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Strip Away Fear and Empower Your Health