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Five Free Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

The Real Gift Is The Memories You’ll Create

You don’t have to spend money to create a memorable Father’s Day. Here are five free ways your kids can let dad know how much he means without spending a cent.

Make a Dad Date
Have the kids and dad sit down with a calendar on Father's Day morning to choose a special day each month where they can spend a few hours of one-on-one together.  With the dates set and marked, the countdown is on for fun!

Give Him Some Homework
Have your kids create a list of questions for dad–all the stuff they’ve always wanted to know. What was his favourite sport as a kid? Did he get good grades in school? Who was his best friend? What games did he play? The possibilities are endless.

Dad will get to take a trip down memory lane and your kids will learn about the man who raises them.

Music To His Ears
Whether he’s a hipster who likes hip hop or thinks country is cool, this gift will be music to his ears. Create a playlist of his favourite tunes that he can listen to while lounging in bed eating breakfast or flipping burgers on the barbecue.

Make A List
Have your kids make a list of all the reasons they love their dad. The best thing about this list is that there are no wrong answers, even when the reasons are because he buys them candy and doesn’t make them brush their teeth.

Create A Collage
Print out pictures of dad and have your kids create a collage. Then each of your kids can tell dad why they chose that particular picture and what it means to them. For an extra special touch, frame it and hang it in a room where your family spends lots of time for an every day reminder of memories filled with love.

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