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6 Parenting Truths: The Christmas Files

It's Not Always Holly and Jolly

Christmas mess

No matter how well-intentioned you are when you start out, your last three gifts will look like they were wrapped by a drunken frat boy.

99% of parents want to leave the school Christmas concert as soon as their child has performed.

Baileys in your Christmas morning coffee seems like a good idea until about 11:00am when you want to go back to bed.

You will always hide one gift so well that you won’t find it until July.

Due to over excitement/lack of sleep/too much sugar your child has a 75% chance of having a complete meltdown on Christmas day. Accept it and take heed in the fact that you’re not the only one out there experiencing it.

You will learn the true meaning of patience waiting for your kids to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.


Whatever you do, DON'T forget these this Christmas