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8 Phrases You Will Probably Hear At Boot Camp

And What They Actually Mean

phrases you will hear at boot camp

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That last set of exercises you barely got through? You’re going to do them all one more time.

You can do anything for 20 seconds!

Normally said while on a third set of burpees. Also, ummmm… Sometimes you can’t.

Yes, there’s a finisher today.

This means that even though you’ve already done a kajillion burpees, overhead presses, and the special hell known as band jacks, you’re going to be subjected to five more minutes of intense exercise.

At least there's no burpees.

Often added on to “Yes, there’s a finisher today” this means that everything else you’ve done today was so incredibly hard the instructors decided to forgo burpees.

Three Words: Man Maker Burpees.

This is usually followed by participants mumbling curse words under their breath.

How is everyone feeling?

Often stated at the end of class when participants are not making any noise and the instructor wants to make sure there isn’t going to be a mutiny. Most likely to be answered with: "I may have vomited in my mouth a bit."

C’mon! Two more. I want to see two more.

There’s eight seconds left in this set. OMG. EIGHT SECONDS.

Don’t you feel good now that it’s done?

Actually, yes. So much so that I always go back again.