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The Retro Festive Store

Christmas Treasures From Your Childhood And More

One of the moms I sit with in the stands at speed skating every week pulled out her camera on Sunday and showed me a picture of a friend of hers wearing this.

And of course I was all "Oh. My. God. I LOVE IT! Where did you get it?" Which is how I found myself dropping a crapload of money at

This online store is filled with everything retro and more. 

Want to air grievances and test yourself against family members with feats of strength? Get yourself a Festivus Pole.

Fond memories of Charlie Brown looking for the perfect tree?

It's a Major Award!

Who wouldn't want to enjoy eggnog in a Moose Mug just like Clark Griswald.

And you can sit back and enjoy your eggnog while listening to this.

This is only the tip of the retro Christmas iceberg. Retro Festive is pretty much the most awesome store I've been to in the past year and I'm warning you now that if you visit the website you will be on there for the next hour of your life. And no, this isn't sponsored but as the proud new owner of not one, but two Charlie Brown Christmas Trees I did spend way more money than my husband is aware of so please don't tell him.

Happy Shopping! Don't say I didn't warn you.