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Campfire Fun For Adults: Marshmallow Shooter Cups

Marshmallows Aren't Just For Kids

Campfire Fun For Adults: How To Make Marshmallow Shooter Cups

My daughter relishes any opportunity to eat food from a stick. And hello, no dishes for me to wash! If we could install a fire pit in our kitchen, I totally would. 

This summer we cooked by campfire a lot. Great family fun and, more importantly, I discovered how to make shooter cups from toasted marshmallows! It's a little finicky, but fun. So while the kids are toasting marshmallows for S'mores, get them to toast a few extra for you to use for your Marshmallow Campfire Cups! 

Here's how:

1. Toast one marshmallow at a time. Don't allow the stick to pierce all the way through.

2. Roast the sides and top end but do NOT toast the bottom section (where the stick goes in). Also, don't set the marshmallow on fire. This will make the cup too weak. 

3. When the marshmallow is all toasty, carefully remove it from the stick (with your fingers or use a fork) and put on a plate—untoasted side up. 

4. Let it rest. As it cools, the untoasted section will sink down into the middle, creating a cup. 

5. Fill cup with liqueur, e.g. Bailey's, Kahlua, Frangelico (or chocolate milk for the kids). Shoot immediately, as the cup will dissolve quickly. Then, eat the marshmallow. Who needs S'mores when you can make these?

*These take a while to make, so if you plan to use these for a party, make some ahead of time. Also, my first few were a melty, blackened disaster (I ate about a dozen fails in the name of research). It just takes a little patience and practice. 


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