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Fun With Urban Dictionary

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Familiar with Urban Dictionary? This hilariously TMI website has been putting the dick in dictionary since 2004. If you've never heard of it, it probably means you're more "mature adult" than "dirty bird." I won't say which category I fall under. *squawk-flap-peck-poops on a car windshield* 

This is no ordinary dictionary. Poor Webster would roll over in his grave if he knew that this kind of word defining resource was looming in the future. 

Urban Dictionary's vocabulary is populated, updated, and rated by the people—twisted, mind-in-the-gutter people. It makes me both proud of humanity and ready to pack up my family and head for a cabin in the woods to live off the grid until society rights itself. 

Note: UD is absolutely NSFW (Mom, translated that means "Urban Dictionary is not safe for work"). If you're offended by curse words or suggestive language (and worse), I suggest you run far away clutching your g-rated Oxford dictionary. Otherwise log on and laugh on. 

Not all of the words are rude. In fact, some are, "Hey I never knew there was a name for that!" Like these below. 

So how do you play with Urban Dictionary? I think there's a board game now, but the version we play is more 'have at it until somebody snorts something out their nose' or is too horribly offended to continue.'


Materials: smart phone or iPad or computer + internet access + a sense of humour + fun friends (though, I have played alone #loser) + snacks + booze (optional but advised)

1. Players open on their web searching devices.

2. Click Browse and then click the letter your name begins with to start. 

*A word of caution—some of the definitions are even too gross for me. And that's saying a lot. One Girls' Night, I explained a particular term (I can't even tell you what it is because doing so would confirm I'm a sicko) to a friend; a very kind and somewhat demure friend. The look on her face as she listened, wide-eyed, jaw hanging open, is still burned upon my brain. Her horrified reaction made me laugh even harder..... See? Sick. oh.* 

3. Search for a word and definition that makes you laugh. 

4. Read the word aloud to everyone and challenge them to guess its definition. Then read them the true meaning. 

5. Discuss. Laugh. Repeat. (No need to stick to your letter now. Go forth and seek out the best/worst words.)

The best part of this game is what follows. Referring to the funniest terms well after the fact is so much fun. I try to work in newly acquired vocabulary in IRL and online conversations whenever I can. At the drugstore recently I saw a package of Band-Aids that had a particularly horrible UD phrase on the box. Of course I texted a photo to friends with a ridiculous caption. Yes I looked like a wingnut laughing by myself in the checkout line, but it was worth it. 

Even when you think a term has been forgotten, it comes back out of the blue. Like this summer when I commented on the weather saying, "It's a steamer out there." Well, a friend added a word to my comment, thus transforming my innocent statement into a supremely gross UD term. Made me day. 

Here are a few fun new (tame) terms I learned while writing this post (well, the ones I can actually include without getting in trouble...):

Mascary: Someone who wears a scary amount of mascara.

Special Snowflake: A person who thinks they are unique, different and therefore more special than anyone else. 

Mouse Potato: Somebody who spends all their time on the computer. Similar to a couch potato. 

Running Latte: Showing up late for work because you stopped for a coffee on the way. 

Mantrum: When a grown man throws a tantrum because he doesn't get his way. 

Rick Rolled: To be tricked into clicking a link to a Rick Astley video. (This is a thing? Oh, I'm so on it.) 

One Reply Bitch: That person who replies with simple words only like: ok. cool. yep. nope.

*This is the space where I'd include the word that just made me laugh my head off for five minutes all by myself if I wasn't worried about offending every person everywhere*

So next time you're hanging out with friends, open Urban Dictionary. If you don't laugh, you get your money back*

Happy Urban Dictionarying! 

*It's free

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