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Killer Kabobs Make Entertaining Easy

You Say Kebab, I Say Kabob...

I would rather poke myself in the eye with a bamboo skewer, than move the party indoors. I plan to hold on to summer as long as possible by embracing the outdoor grill. Figuratively speaking of course. Don't hug your BBQ. That thing is hot! One of the easiest BBQ meals? Kabobs. Simply thread your favourite bites onto skewers in advance. When your guests arrive, toss them onto the grill (the skewers, not your guests) and...ka-bob's your uncle; a simple summer supper!

* If you happen to have an uncle named Bob, you could host a "Kabob's Your Uncle" themed party consisting entirely of KABOBS. Brilliant right? I realize this is a very small demographic. But, even if you don't have an uncle Bob, you can still enjoy these skewer suggestions (Photo source and recipe links at the end of this post).

Long live summer!!

Appetizer Kabobs:


Main Course Kabobs:




Sweet Kabobs:

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