Dining In The Dark

Ode to O.Noir

Dining In The Dark

Eating in the dark isn't new for me. I often squeeze my eyes shut at the family dinner table in hopes of finding a moment of reprieve from the chaos. But, dining in the dark at the Toronto restaurant O.Noir is NOT the same experience. In fact, it is an experience unlike any other. 

When Erica and I were invited to attend a special lunch, they told us we would be eating in the dark, but we assumed there would be some light. Wrong. It was PITCH BLACK and it was fantastic.


You descend down the stairs into a dimly lit lounge where you can have a drink while perusing the menu. Check out the fare for yourself here. You order your meal before entering the darkened dining area. Guests are led to their table, conga line style by their sight impaired server.

"Blind people are the best people capable of doing the job in such context. You will become blind for 1-2 hours and you really must be able to trust your waiter. It is a true "transfer of trust" and an amazing approach to raise awareness about blind disability and disability in general." source

The lunch menu created specifically for this event included pulled pork sliders, or so they tell me. I couldn’t actually SEE the sandwiches nor did I taste one since I’m a Flexitarian. I eat chicken occasionally and beef rarely (as in not often, not blood rare). Instead I had a lovely tomato risotto which I ate with my hands. Nobody was the wiser until I discovered I had lost my napkin. It's possible that I ate it.

The next course was a decadent aged cheddar soup. Thankfully we were instructed to sip from the bowl instead of using a spoon because no doubt most of it would’ve ended up on my lap. Or Erica’s since she was within my splash zone.

It’s odd communicating in the dark. While Erica spoke to me, even though I couldn't see her, I turned and looked in her direction and she told me she was nodding in response. People also speak very loud in the dark, as though trying to compensate for their loss of vision. After a short time, it became easier and more relaxed. In fact, talking with others in the dark is actually kind of freeing. 

When our amazing server Diana delivered the next plate, she asked if I had received mine yet? At least, I assumed she was talking to me. It’s difficult to decipher who is speaking to whom without visual cues. She guided my hands to my veggie meal. The main course was oh-so tender. And beefy. I didn’t clue in that I had someone’s else plate until I had polished off the marinated Portobello mushroom and got down to the beef in its flavourful sauce. By then it was too late. It was too tasty to turn back. Sorry cow. You were delicious.

As I wiped the gravy from my chin (on to Erica’s pants) I pondered this experience. Without distractions like people watching and technology (all cell phones were hidden away), the focus shifted to the flavour of the food and the conversation became more flavourful and engaging as well.

Would I dine in the dark again? Yes! 

Would I wear a white blouse again? No. 

This be a great venue for a team-building exercise or staff party! Erica? Next YMC team meeting...in the dark? I promise not to wipe my hands on your pants. 


Enjoy The Oscars As A Family

And The Winner Is....

Enjoy The Oscars As A Family

Not all of us can escape, er, get out for the night, so staying in to watch the show with the kids is "what's showing" at our house this year.

Here's How To Enjoy the Academy Awards at Home With The Kids:

The Main Attraction: Food and Drink

  • Popcorn with butter and all kinds of fun toppings.
  • Chips and dip. They don’t have anything to do with awards shows specifically, but I just really like chips and dip.
  • Champagne for the adults and sparkling cider, ginger ale or Shirley Temples for the kids.

Supporting Role: Just For Fun

  • Practice walking the red carpet right along with the celebrities. Really strut your stuff or… sit on the couch hoarding the chips and dip while your kids strut THEIR stuff. Even better.
  • Before the show, print and fill out an Oscar Ballot sheet for each family member. Hand out a prize (candy, dollar store trinkets, etc.) for correct picks for each category.
  • Set up a podium near the TV and provide a microphone. Let the kids make acceptance speeches during commercial breaks. These award shows run LATE so prepare to PVR and show in two parts. Little kids (and their sleep-deprived parents) get cranky past 10 pm. You should see me after a late night. I look like THIS Oscar ~>

Happy Oscars partying!


A Sweet New Treat To Serve At Your Oscar Party

Ice Cream In A Supporting Role

A Sweet New Treat To Serve At Your Oscar Party

What are the essential components of an awarding winning Oscar party? Film, Friends and Food of course!

Popcorn, chips and dips, cheese and crackers and any tasty finger foods usually top the bill. But here's a fun new idea for your consideration.... ICE CREAM.

Either make these up in advance, freeze and serve. Or set up an ice cream bar with recipe cards for a few of these movie themed ice cream superstars.

Life of Pi  - Chocolate ice cream, OREO cookie pieces and orange Gummi Bears. You can also call this one the ‘Richard Parker.’

Amour – The universal language. Strawberry Passion ice cream cake with layers of moist yellow cake, Strawberry ice cream, a graham cracker pie crust and strawberry puree, all wrapped in a creamy strawberry frosting… because nothing heals heartache like ice cream.

Lincoln –  Strawberry ice cream, blueberries and whipped topping—an appropriate red, white and blue Creation to honour an American legend.

Silver Linings Playbook – Mint ice cream, chocolate chips and fudge, the unofficial sweet treat of The Eagles football team.

Zero Dark Thirty – Layers of moist devil’s food cake and Chocolate ice cream topped with a rich fudge ganache. Rich and decadent...perfect for a swanky awards night!

Beasts of the Southern Wild –  Step out of the world’s harsh realities and take a moment to dream with an Oh So Dreamy ice cream bar.

Argo –  How about a red and white ice cream cake to celebrate the Canadian Embassy’s contribution to this declassified true story? Cake Batter Confetti is made of layers of moist devil’s food cake and Cake Batter ice cream, wrapped in creamy white frosting and topped off with delicious sprinkles.

Les Miserables – French Vanilla ice cream, strawberries and yellow cake. A quick, easy and delicious version of a tradition French Crepe. Moral of the story:  Don’t try to take it without paying!

Django Unchained – If Django and Dr. Schultz are going to remain focused on finding Broomhilda, they’re going to need a snack that will put an extra kick in their step. Tim Hortons’ Double Double Coffee ice cream for a dollop of energy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for a pinch of protein and topped off with a sprinkle of dark chocolate shavings.

Here's hoping your favourite flick doesn't get iced this year. But as long as you have ice cream, does it really matter?

Click here to read about the movies nominated this year.

Recipes courtesy of coldstonecreamery.com