It’s emotional for us when people turn to look at our kids. And when their stares linger, it’s hard to handle. But some things aren't what they seem.
I went the distraction route. It goes like this and works quite well in a variety of impossible situations.
I suppose some people would suggest I tell her the truth. But I can’t. Not now. So I plan to lie.
We were seven. Suddenly, I can’t remember why, he tied me to a garden trellis with a skipping rope.
To really see changes in the body and on the scale, it has a lot… A LOT… to do with what we put in our mouth.
scared child
Can we as adults do a better job of protecting our kids from the evils of the world (real and imagined) until their brains and hearts are better able to cope?
Travelling with a Child Who Has Special Needs? Here's What You Need to Know
When you have a child with developmental delays and/or medical issues, this is how you need to plan ahead and be prepared for your vacation.
The second I stepped into the dark, cold room, I got chills. I wasn’t alone…