Oscar Night Fun!

Drinking Game and Red Carpet Check List

Oscar Night Fun!

Hosting an Oscar party this year? Here's something boozy and catty and FUN that will ensure your bash lives on and on in your guests' minds forevah! {Read that line in your most dramatic voice....really channel your inner Glenn Close}.

I wish I could accept the accolades for this great party game idea, but alas, I can not. The award for the most wickedly entertaining Award Show Party Game goes to....Catherine!

Go visit her beeeeeeeautiful blog, Design Editor to download your own free printable of this must play Oscar night game!


Family Games Night

A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

Family Games Night

Board games are a staple in our family. Plus chips. Games Night isn't complete without chips {and dip}.

Some of our fave family games include:

Charades and Pictionary. Oldies but goodies {which also allow me to park my butt on the couch and check my email WHILE playing}.

Mousetrap. Yes, torture for some. I don't love it, but it keeps the kids busy so I can focus on dipping my chips.

Boggle. I freaking LOVE Boggle. It boggles my mind how much I love it.

Candyland.  Oh wait, scratch that. I hate that game.

Whose Nose? Straight up, this game is boring BUT it's great for toddlers. My daughter chose it the other night and we played as a family. It was actually kind of fun.

Cards. I'm surprised my kids weren't born with dorsal fins, since they're clearly card sharks. Snap, War, Old Maid, Crazy Eights and Cheat are fun for the whole family. And, may I just say, hiding cards in ones bra during a heated game of Cheat is absolutely acceptable despite what family members might say.

Awkward Family Photos Game. This is great fun for the entire family. As long as you can control yourself and keep it G-rated. Unlike THIS saucy version.

We're a pretty playful bunch over here, but there are a few GAMES I REFUSE TO PLAY which include: Monopoly, Risk, Stratego and of course, mind games. I'm not big into those either.

Play with your kids NOW because soon enough, they won't want to play with you at all and you'll be left, dealing yourself a  lonely hand of Solitaire, pining for the days when your kids thought Games Night was the best...thing...ever.

And while you are feeling game-y, check out my top-five classic games you simply must pass down to your children.



The Heart Of A Family

Women and Heart Attacks

The Heart Of A Family

We got an early morning phone call, April 1st, a few years ago. My mother-in-law had suffered a heart attack. I remember thinking, this can’t be happening. Is this some kind of sick, April Fool’s prank? It was no joke.

My in-laws had been out for dinner. Upon returning home, my mother-in-law said she felt unwell: tired, nauseous, with a tight feeling in her chest and abdomen. She’s not one to complain and dismissed it as indigestion. My father-in-law however, didn't dismiss anything. He quickly gave her an aspirin {which he had her chew for quicker absorption} and called 911.  He recognized she was having a possible heart attack.

Paramedics arrived, assessed the situation and took her to hospital immediately.  She was in the midst of cardiac arrest. If she had gone any longer without medical attention, she surely would have died.

She never would have met her granddaughter, my husband would have been motherless and we would have lost a truly amazing woman – the heart of our family.

Fortunately my father-in-law knew the signs and didn't hesitate to make the call. 

Symptoms can be subtle leading up to a heart attack and women are often quick to dismiss the early warning signs. “Understanding heart attack symptoms in women, as well as signs of early cardiac troubles, and your own risk factors for cardiovascular disease, can significantly increase your chances of survival.” Source

Looking back, I saw signs, but didn’t know it. My mother-in-law had been over to our house only days before and looked exhausted. When I asked her about it, she said she felt fine – that she was simply tired from work.

Fatigue is a common complaint and one that may indicate that you're simply missing out on sleep, fighting a virus, overextending yourself, or experiencing a side effect to medication. But unusual or extreme fatigue may also be an early heart attack symptom or a warning sign of heart disease. In one study, more than 70% of the women surveyed experienced marked fatigue in the days or weeks prior to their heart attacks.” Source

Other warning signs include:

  • Tightness/discomfort in chest, neck, arm or stomach, which may come and go
  • Unusual or prolonged disturbance in sleep patterns
  • Shortness of breath during normal daily activities
  • Indigestion
  • Anxiety

You may think you’re not at risk, but family history and factors like your diet, lifestyle and stress level may prove otherwise. Do you know YOUR risk level?

Talk to your doctor and in the meantime, take this simple online risk assessment.

Heart disease and stroke is the number one killer of women in Canada. You can help reduce this risk. Click here to donate. 

Don’t let a heart attack or stroke steal you away from your family. Fight for your life and Make Death Wait.


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