Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Host an Adult “Make Your Own” Pizza Party

Easy, Yummy Fun For Everyone

Adult Pizza Party

If you like to have friends over for dinner, but would rather spend time with them mingling than slaving all alone in the kitchen, this is the party for you. Plus, it's delicious and a great way to get your guests involved. Friends who cook together, stay together. Isn't that the saying? Whatever. It sounds good to me. 

The beauty of this simple party theme is that all the prep is done ahead of time. 

Chop the veggies, grate the cheese and put out all the toppings before your guests arrive. Then all you have left to do is to serve up a "Welcome Drink" (try these make ahead Currant Martinis) and nibble on some easy appetizers. Then everyone can top a pizza shell as they wish—put them onto a tray and pop in the oven (425 degree for about 10 minutes). Serve with a Caesar salad and enjoy!

I told you it was easy.


Tasty Tips:

  • Buy a variety of pitas and naan breads to use as pizza shells.
  • Save time by buying pre-cut mushrooms and fresh pineapple (fresh is so much sweeter than canned) and premade pizza sauce.
  • Choose a variety of interesting toppings. Feta, jarred minced garlic, baby spinach, cubes of grilled chicken, tangy BBQ sauce, cooked shrimp, chili flakes, anchovies, and hot peppers make tasty toppings, too.