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Aren't We Naughty

Having Sex With Dodos

"Mom, have you ever heard of the store Aren't We Naughty?"

You're having a nice weekend, everything is moving along smoothly and all of a sudden Bam! Curveball. I choked down the coffee in my mouth, turned around and responded with the defensive move that should be in every mother's arsenal. I asked him a question back.

"Why do you want to know, honey?"

It seems that a friend of my two boys told them about the store Aren't We Naughty. When I asked my older son what he thought the store was for, he said "It's for couples who want to have fun."

Which, kudos to you, Aren't We Naughty for a memorable tagline. Well played. Well played, indeed.

I'm open with my kids about pretty much everything. When my older son came home with misinformation about where the seed comes to plant a baby, I went out and bought him this book. We talk openly about sex in an age appropriate way and if he ever asks a question I feel he's not ready to hear the answer to, I let him know. His little brother hasn't been given the book yet so I was quite surprised when he piped up with "

They sell plastic penises called dodos so women can practice having sex."

People should never be worried about how much I drink; they should be shocked I don't drink more.

Needless to say, after I added some Baileys to my coffee, we had a nice little conversation about plastic penises, sex and what a good age would be to start having sex.

And how under no circumstances should they be having real or pretend sex with a Dodo bird. Ever.