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This Sh*t Must Stop

Why You Should Stop Buying Star Magazine


Sunday morning. It’s early and I’m out running errands. I’m in my happy place because my kids are old enough that I can now do errands alone which every mother knows is the equivalent to a day at the spa. 

I get in line to pay for my items, see this magazine cover, and just like that my serenity is gone.

This sh*t seriously has to stop.

On my very best parenting days I still sometimes worry that I’m completely screwing up my kids. And there have been plenty of times – PLENTY - where I’ve had a terrible-horrible-no-good-very- bad-parenting-day. You know, the drag your screaming toddler out of the grocery store by his arm while people stare at you in judgement days. Those are the days when I would give myself a failing grade and more often than not shed a tear because those days can really wear a mom down.

Now multiply that by a million and I would imagine that’s how it would feel to get a “failing grade” on the front cover of a magazine.  

This is not okay. Not now, not ever. 

We mothers are hard on ourselves as it is and I imagine that these celebrity mothers can be hard on themselves too… BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS. 

Human beings who deserve to not be plastered all over a magazine with a grade beside their parenting skills. A grade based on miniscule moments shot through the long range lens by paprazzi who have been following these women around just waiting for the shit to hit the fan so they can get that photograph.  

We can do better than this.

No matter what we do for a living or our lifestyle, where we live, or the money we make - we are all mothers – you, me, Kim Kardashian – all of us. We might not parent the same way, hell...we may even disagree.

But we need to stick together and support each other.

Please, do not ever buy this crap magazine that would exploit you the same way if you were to suddenly become famous. Give them the failing grade they deserve by not giving them one more cent of your hard-earned money.

Pass this on to every woman and mother you know. 

We do not have to buy into this – LITERALLY. 

Image Source: Star Magazine