A child experiencing anxiety isn’t uncommon, There’s plenty of childhood experiences that can cause fear, questioning, and anxious feelings.
“Donald Trump is a huge jerk!” My mother in law was incredulous. “Why does she know about that?”
This is the reality of what the past week was like for a family with two kids under five.
I didn’t expect an ad for razors to make me cry, but here we are.
My name is Leslie, pronounced “Less-lee.” Not “Lez-lee.”
It was a sombre ride home from school. My dad said he had something to tell us, and we knew by his ghost-white face, and his serious tone that it wasn’t good.
Well, it finally happened. Twitter found someone to universally hate.
How To Deal With Intense Feelings During This Pandemic
When we take time to sit in and acknowledge our feelings, we’re well on the way to processing them.