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How to Host a Perfect Dog Wedding

Canine Nuptials...Dog Gone Fun For The Whole Family!

What's the wedding anniversary gift for three years? Dog biscuits?

My dog got hitched to my brother's bitch (technical term, she's actually very sweet) in a garden wedding. There were guests and (bow wow) vows, gifts and dinner and dancing—the humans danced, the dogs just sniffed each other.

When I told my husband that Roger and Maya were engaged, he thought the idea of a dog wedding was barking mad. I reminded him that this was for the kids. My children and their cousins helped plan the wedding, make the decorations and participated in the ceremony. They thought it was the best wedding ever. So yes, a dog wedding may be silly, but kids adore silly. Plus, the dogs got some pretty nice swag.

If you're planning on hosting a canine wedding (Do it! It's a howl. Pun intended) here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Construction paper, tape and an elastic band is all you need to make a dapper doggie top hat. You can also easily make a custom doggie veil. FYI when you ask the lady at "Joanne's Fabrics" for 1/2 a foot of tulle she'll tell you that's not nearly enough and when you explain that the bride is a Chihuahua with a very small head, she WILL laugh at you.

2. Chances are good the bride and groom have already consummated their front of the kids...during dinner.

3. Fireworks, though a fun and festive touch, have no place at a dog wedding.

4. What to serve? Dogs: anything really. People: Hot dogs or perhaps these grilled Merguez Sandwiches!

5. Matching 'His and Hers Dog Sweaters' make a lovely dog wedding gift.

Here's the footage from the ceremony (get a load of my daughter—the feisty one in the purple tutu—throwing her bridemaid's bouquet at the beginning of the video).