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Accidentally Sharing X-Rated Selfies

BEWARE: It's Easy To Do

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*This post is probably NSFW. Unless you work at home like I do, then carry on. You've been warned.*

Ever accidentally "reply all" to an email in a ridiculously inappropriate way? Me neither.

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How about accidentally inviting your entire email contact list to friend you on LinkedIn? No? Same here. Never did that. Except when I did. Feel free to gawk at my LinkedIn Shame HERE

I've also heard of people outing their lurky-ness by inadvertently "liking" a Facebook post. Some people have even been caught with their pants down by blurting out a filthy comment on Twitter thinking they were sending a DM. That happens often. Or so I've heard. 

As horrific as those mis-shares are, nothing compares to the face-burning shame of posting your nudie bits online. Unless you're a porn-star wannabe, this is not a smart career move. 

Scenic pictures of snow-capped mountains and sandy beaches are fine to share with friends. But if you're sharing an iPhoto slide show, be darn sure you've deleted the topless pic you sexted to your husband on his last business trip. Nice rack by the way. We were all amply impressed. 

I admit to laughing right along with everyone at that digitally induced wardrobe malfunction. But I wasn't laughing when it nearly happened to me...

Without getting too TMI, let's just say that when one has been on antibiotics, certain "lady issues" can arise. On that note, here's the link to a yummy challa-style bread recipe. You'll need 5 tsp of active yeast. 

I'm not one to panic and think the worst, like I have some deadly infection and my days are numbered. Actually, yes; yes I am. To calm my nerves, I attempted to investigate, but my hand-mirror was too small. I'm not saying that my undercarriage is abnormally large. My mirror is just really, really tiny. 

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So to get a better look I snapped a quick pic with my iPhone, looked, and then promptly deleted. How could THAT go wrong? No, I didn't snapchat my nethers anywhere. Oh god, at least I don't think I did?! The photo was definitely deleted FOREVERRRRR. How's that for foreshadowing?

Three days later a Facebook friend asked me to post a photo of my new ergonomic stand-up desk situation. Happy to oblige, I opened up iPhoto and sceamed! There staring me right in the face was this photo.

And right below this shot of my brother in law's Movember stache, was my delicate flower photo. The one I had most certainly deleted. 

Curse you iCloud! I have always feared the enigma that is iCloud and for good reason. Fortunately for me and for anyone I know on Facebook, I didn't accidentally upload it to my page. Instead I frantically deleted it from iCloud. After checking and re-checking I was convinced it was gone...foreverrrrrrrrr. 

When I opened the family iPad later that night and saw the photo had resurfaced yet again, I freaked. I can't find the photo of my son's basketball game I've been looking for for weeks, but this photo won't go away?! Deleted once more, I emptied my trash, cleared my cache, and broke out in a rash.

So now the offending photo gone forever for real. I think. Oh god, I'm going to go check again. iCloud iHate you.