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Loaded Questions...For Adults

Best Party Game Ever!

I'm a play-ah. Not in a rapper kind of way. As in, player of board games. I adore them and force ask people to play with me. A girlfriend (who clearly knows me very well) gave me "Loaded Questions" as a birthday gift. It instantly became our go-to GNI game. I found the creator on Twitter and professed my love for his hilarious game. I also told him I planned on trying his newest version, "Adult Loaded Questions."

Turns out Eric (the game's inventor) is not only fun, he's generous! He sent me a copy of Adult Loaded Questions to try. And I did just that, at a Girl's-Night-In last weekend. One of the players said, "This is way more spicy than the regular version. It's downright saucy!" Bah ha. I'm not making this up - direct quote. Another player said, when trying to choose a new game card, "Am I taking it from the front or the back?" Ahem. You can bet there were a few "saucy" retorts to THAT one!

Here's how to play the game:

Gather a group of your silliest friends. Snacks and drinks are a must.

Set up the board. It's simple and the game takes less than five minutes to learn.

This ain't no Trivial Pursuit - there are no right or wrong answers. Well, there *may* be some that are wrong on a moral level, but I blacked those out as not to offend my more delicate readers.

Shortest player goes first.

Move along the board and match which player gave which answer to ridiculous questions. An example of a typical question: "What do you do in private that others would find disgusting?" One player needed clarification and asked, "Of the things I did today?" She had some difficulty narrowing it down. LOL!

The first player to reach the WIN space (without choking on a potato chip from laughing) wins! Bonus points are earned by a) spitting your drink across the room b) making at least one player blush with your TMI answer c) not peeing your pants = 25 points

This game is so much fun, I want YOU to play it with your friends. Eric from has given me two copies to give away!

This contest is now closed. Congrats to winners Amy Boughner and Sarah (MrsGryphon)! Party at THEIR house!! Whoot whoot!

Leave a comment below and you'll be entered to win one of two copies of the Adult Loaded Questions board game.

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