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This Hot Cocoa Ain't For Kids

Try A Chicken Bone Cocoa—A Super Simple Campfire Cocktail


Here are a few things I discovered this summer—plus a campfire cocktail you're going to want to try!

1. No matter where I sit at a campfire I will be blinded by smoke within 30 seconds. 

2. I can actually survive a week in the wild without wifi.

3. A leech can be removed from your foot by dosing it with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. 

4. Black Flies are annoying a-holes. 

5. Deer Flies are even bigger a-holes. 

6. My thumb appears in a surprising amount of photos. 

7. Nobody looks good in swim goggles. 

8. Beach Waves look amazing on some people. I am not one of those people. #kramerfromseinfeld

9. When you're away and missing a friend, you just might find a random coffee cup with her name on it. "Hi Sharon!" 

10. A hot mug of (adult) cocoa makes a campfire hotter. As in hawter. *Please note: The temperature of the campfire actually remains the same. 

Make a mug of Chicken Bone Cocoa to enjoy around the campfire! Remember those Chicken Bone candies? Cinnamon on the outside, chocolate on the inside. Hot chocolate and a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey tastes just like this nostalgic candy in tasty cocktail form. Thanks for the recipe Heather! 

*Warning: If you open a bottle of Fireball, you will immediately have this song stuck in your head for about 72 hours.

Pssssst... in the winter mix 2 parts Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey with 1 part eggnog to make a festive Firenog shot.

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