Lisa Thornbury: Party Mummy


Ten Of The Funniest Adult Film Titles

Fifty Shades of Funny

Valentine's Day doesn't float my boat. Not that there's anything wrong with this (fake) holiday; I applaud any opportunity to celebrate. But like I said, we don't celebrate this particular day. So what's a Party Mummy to post when she opts out of a popular celebration? Well, she posts porn of course.

Funny porn. None of that graphic deep throat kind of stuff. Gag. I admit to being anal, but not in that kind of way.

No matter how you choose to spend February 14th, just remember that love is fun, sex is funny and porno titles are downright hilarious.

Ten Funny Flicks of the Adult Variety:

Diddle Her On the Roof

Lawrence of a Labia

Forrest Hump

You've Got Male (Genitalia)

Oceans 11 Inches

Edward Penishands


M: i-2: Position Impossible

Throbbin Hood

Whorey Potter

And in case you haven't seen this already and want a laugh, check out this SNL Fifty Shades Commercial Parody!