Can Fasting Two Days A Week Change Your Health?

Book Review: The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse

Can Fasting Two Days A Week Change Your Health?

The Two-Day Superfood Cleanse: Can Fasting Two Days A Week Change Your Health?

Since I started training for and taking part in triathlons, it’s made me realize how important food is, not only while training, but in day-to-day life.

Earlier in the year, I took part in a 50-day challenge where I gave up all grains and sugar for 50 days. Since then our family has moved to a more clean way of eating, and if you open my fridge right now, there are no less than three salads—chickpea salad, black bean salad, and zucchini salad—in Tupperware containers ready to go for lunches and dinner. There are also pre-washed veggies and fruits that can be grabbed and eaten making snack-time so much easier.

I’m not an all or nothing person and since the 50-day challenge have included both grains and sugar in my diet, but now it’s kept to a minimum.

This is why I like the concept of The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse: A Weekly Detox Program To Boost Energy, Lose Weight and Maintain Optimal Health:

The concept of a weekly two day fast isn’t new. People eat normally five days a week and for two days they lower their calorie intake considerably. The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse takes this one step further and encourages you to eat only Superfoods during these two days (which do not have to be two consecutive days) to a maximum of 600 calories per day, and encourages you not to "go to town" on the other five days.

What I Like About This Book:

It lists the foods you can eat, along with very simple recipes that are easy to create (I particularly like the Flaxseed Salad Dressing and the Carmelized White Grapefruit). The calories are listed alongside each of the foods and recipes making calculations simple.

The book isn’t just about food. Robin Westen is actually promoting a whole lifestyle change—one that includes exercise, meditation, the power of positive thinking, and will teach you how simple things, like keeping a journal, dancing, and listening to music, all play a part in creating a healthy life.

There are also quizzes in the book that will help you figure out which Superfoods you should be eating more of and even a quiz that tells you if you’re even ready to start a program like this.

Robin has a very realistic approach and throughout the book you feel as though she’s talking with you, not at you. She is quite realistic and even admits that the first time she tried to do a two-day cleanse she was sneaking handfuls of chips three hours into it. It took her several tries before she was able to do it.

Heads Up:

Most of the recipes in the 2-Day Superfood Cleanse are juice recipes, but Robin is quite open and says that investing in a juicer is not a necessity. She even goes so far as to say that if you do decide to invest in a juicer, start out with a mid-range model and use it for a while, because many people start off juicing enthusiastically but then their juicers end up collecting dust on a shelf. She totally gets it.

Who I Would Recommend This Book For:

Anyone who wants to make a complete lifestyle change. While the title of the book infers it’s about a "diet," it’s really about looking at your overall life/health and wanting to make a change. It teaches you why nutrient dense foods can help give you more energy, but also how living a healthier life goes beyond counting calories.

All in all, I’d definitely give this book a "buy."

Disclaimer: I was given this book to review. I only ever write about things I like and I really did like this book. I'm now passing it on to a friend for her to start on a healthy lifestyle change.

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Introduce The Clean Slate Pass In Your Family

How To Stop Situations From Escalating

Introduce The Clean Slate Pass In Your Family

Kids and parents can often butt heads. What starts out as a simple request to clean a room or put away clothes, can turn into a power struggle and once a power struggle begins, it can be hard to put an end to it.

You don’t want to back down and your child has dug in his heels and feels he has no other options but to keep digging them in. What’s a parent to do?

Instead of having the situation continue to escalate, introduce the concept of a Clean Slate Pass.

A Clean Slate Pass doesn’t mean your child doesn’t have to do what you requested, it simply means that both of you get a chance to step away from the current situation and begin again.

The next time you find a situation escalating out of control bring out the Clean Slate Pass.

Because doesn’t everyone deserve a fresh start?

Click here to print off your own Clean Slate Pass.



On Buying Twitter Followers and Cheating

A Letter To My Son

On Buying Twitter Followers and Cheating

Buying Twitter Followers and Cheating

The other night my oldest son asked me how many Twitter followers I had. “About 9,000,” I replied.

His eyes grew big and he responded with a “Wow! You’re, like, famous!”

I needed to nip this one in the bud.

I turned to him and said, “You get that it’s not real, right? It doesn’t matter. It will never matter how many followers you have on Twitter or Instagram, or the number of friends you have on Facebook. None of that is real. What’s real is not the number of people you are connected with on social media but the people you connect with in real life.”

And because it was being discussed on Facebook and Twitter and was in the back of mind, I added, “Did you know there are people who buy followers on Twitter?”

*Imagine him with a confused look on his face*  "Why would they do that?" he asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know the answer to that one, bud. But my best guess is because they want to look like they have more ‘influence’ then they really have so they can work with brands and PR companies.”

His response was simple but astute.

“But isn’t that cheating?”

The conversation kind of petered out after that. He declared he never wanted a Facebook account while I cheered silently. But over the past few days I’ve thought about this whole ‘buying followers’ thing a lot. It’s a difficult thing for me to wrap my ahead around but I think my son nailed it on the head. It’s cheating.

There is so much more I want to say to my son about this and when I do, it will be this.

When you buy Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest followers it says to me that you don’t believe in your own talent. Instead of putting the time and effort into crafting your writing, or photography, or recipes, or whatever it is you do, you would rather take the easy route. You have no faith in yourself or your ability. This holds true for all things in life.

It says that your currency is currency and you will do anything to make that money.

If the only thing motivating you is money, no matter how much you make you will be left with an empty space inside because the old adage is true, money can’t buy happiness (but as you like to point out, it could buy us a cottage and that would make you happy).

There is a great satisfaction in putting in the time and effort to become better at whatever it is you choose to do. Remember that story I told you about the woman who won the Boston Marathon only it was later discovered she won because she had taken the subway for a portion of the race. We laugh about that story because, really? Who does that?

But the thing is, yes, this woman crossed the finish line first but, as someone who has crossed a few finish lines and watched you cross quite a few yourself, I would imagine her win felt quite empty. Not only that, but imagine how fearful she must have felt that she would be discovered. Every single time she talked to someone about winning, in the back of her mind she would always be anticipating getting caught. That’s a hard secret to carry and trust me, life is too short to carry a load like that.

Yes, putting the time and effort in is hard work. It can actually really suck some days. Often times it may even feel like nobody notices your efforts.

There’s a scene in the movie Terry that we both love, and by the way, it’s totally cool that you make fun of how I cry every time I watch. It’s near the beginning of Terry Fox’s journey to run across Canada. When each day is over he would put a marker where he stopped running and that’s where he would being running again the next morning. One night the marker was blown away. After searching and being unable to find the marker, Terry’s friend Doug says (and I’m paraphrasing) “Just start running here, the marker was around this area. It won’t make a difference. Nobody will know.”

And Terry Fox looked at him and said “I’ll know.”

Listen, I’ve done more than a few things that I’m not proud of (and we can talk about that later, skater) and as I get older the more I know life isn’t black and white but many shades of grey. Maybe when people buy followers they feel they are making an investment into their business. Maybe it’s out of desperation. I don’t know. I just know that cheating is wrong.

What I want to leave you with is this. There will always be shortcuts in life. Taking the easy way may sometimes seem like a good thing but in the end hard work and effort will always win out.

Because at the end of the day, even if nobody else knows, you will.

Love Mom.

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