Loukia Zigoumis: Shop Mummy


Target in Canada

Canadians loved flocking to Target in the U.S. but we don't have to travel south of the border anymore.

I love traveling to the United States for a hundred different reasons—one of them being the shopping. J.Crew, Banana Republic, Lacoste, Nordstrom and Target were just some of my favourite go-to stores when I was on vacation south of the border. Now I'm so glad that these stores (Nordstrom is coming soon!) are in Canada, because it makes shopping so much easier. 

Although Target has been open in Toronto for some time now, it just opened in Ottawa last week, and people flocked to the store on opening day. There are four new Target stores in Ottawa now, and people are very, very happy. 

I love Target because of the variety of products and the affordable prices—I love the amazing stationary section (such awesome cards and gift wrap!) and the children's clothing section, as well as the toys. My children always find something they're not able to find anywhere else when we're shopping in Target. I also love the work out clothes and sweaters. 

I was invited to a special sneak peek look at Target with other members of the media the day before the store opened to the public, and it was very hard being in there and NOT shopping. Not to worry, because I went back on opening day, Target gift card in hand, (thanks, Billings Bridge!) and bought everything I had my eye on. Like a new lamp, a new sweater, a new t-shirt, some thank you cards, and some toys and Christmas gifts for my kids. Yay!

Another wonderful thing about Target? Starbucks. Need I say more? 

Thanks for coming to Canada, Target! We love you!