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What To Bring To BlissDom Canada

Do you really need to hit the mall before Canada's biggest blog conference? Hmmm...

I've been to quite a few blog conferences over the years. I've been to BlogHer three times, Mom 2.0 once (and I've already got my ticket for next May!) and three BlissDom Canada conferencecs. I've loved them all—truly. I had the chance to speak last year, at BlissDom Canada. Being a community leader was a great experience. Every conference I've attended has given me so much, in terms of take-aways, but most important of all is the quality time I get to spend with the people I adore, the people I don't get to see as often as I'd like. The fun I've had at these conferences? Priceless... The things I've learned has also made attending these conferences so worthwhile, too. 

The weeks leading up to most blog conferences, there is a lot of chatter online about what to pack, what shoes to bring, and what to wear!

People get so stressed about this, and end up shopping for new shoes and clothes. Hey—I'm the first one to admit I always go shopping before a conference, because to me, any excuse to shop is a good one. But the truth is, you guys?

You really don't need anything other than what you already have. 

There will be moments when you'll feel overwhelmed, there will be moments when you'll feel like crying, there will be moments when you're deep in learning, and there will be many, many moments of laughter, hugs, and tears with friends. The last thing anyone cares about is what you're wearing, or who made your shoes. Of course I think it's important ot take care of your appearance, and wear your favourite little black dress if you want—but you shouldn't be stressing about what to pack and what to wear. Travel light. For real.  

The most important piece of advice I can give you?

Pack your smile.

Pack your confidence.

Pack you business cards.

And pack your most comfortable shoes. Because most of the time? You'll be on your feet. So bring those flats. 

And have fun. You'll be certain to find your bliss. 

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