Target in Canada

Canadians loved flocking to Target in the U.S. but we don't have to travel south of the border anymore.

Target in Canada

I love traveling to the United States for a hundred different reasons—one of them being the shopping. J.Crew, Banana Republic, Lacoste, Nordstrom and Target were just some of my favourite go-to stores when I was on vacation south of the border. Now I'm so glad that these stores (Nordstrom is coming soon!) are in Canada, because it makes shopping so much easier. 

Although Target has been open in Toronto for some time now, it just opened in Ottawa last week, and people flocked to the store on opening day. There are four new Target stores in Ottawa now, and people are very, very happy. 

I love Target because of the variety of products and the affordable prices—I love the amazing stationary section (such awesome cards and gift wrap!) and the children's clothing section, as well as the toys. My children always find something they're not able to find anywhere else when we're shopping in Target. I also love the work out clothes and sweaters. 

I was invited to a special sneak peek look at Target with other members of the media the day before the store opened to the public, and it was very hard being in there and NOT shopping. Not to worry, because I went back on opening day, Target gift card in hand, (thanks, Billings Bridge!) and bought everything I had my eye on. Like a new lamp, a new sweater, a new t-shirt, some thank you cards, and some toys and Christmas gifts for my kids. Yay!

Another wonderful thing about Target? Starbucks. Need I say more? 

Thanks for coming to Canada, Target! We love you! 



What To Bring To BlissDom Canada

Do you really need to hit the mall before Canada's biggest blog conference? Hmmm...

What To Bring To BlissDom Canada

I've been to quite a few blog conferences over the years. I've been to BlogHer three times, Mom 2.0 once (and I've already got my ticket for next May!) and three BlissDom Canada conferencecs. I've loved them all—truly. I had the chance to speak last year, at BlissDom Canada. Being a community leader was a great experience. Every conference I've attended has given me so much, in terms of take-aways, but most important of all is the quality time I get to spend with the people I adore, the people I don't get to see as often as I'd like. The fun I've had at these conferences? Priceless... The things I've learned has also made attending these conferences so worthwhile, too. 

The weeks leading up to most blog conferences, there is a lot of chatter online about what to pack, what shoes to bring, and what to wear!

People get so stressed about this, and end up shopping for new shoes and clothes. Hey—I'm the first one to admit I always go shopping before a conference, because to me, any excuse to shop is a good one. But the truth is, you guys?

You really don't need anything other than what you already have. 

There will be moments when you'll feel overwhelmed, there will be moments when you'll feel like crying, there will be moments when you're deep in learning, and there will be many, many moments of laughter, hugs, and tears with friends. The last thing anyone cares about is what you're wearing, or who made your shoes. Of course I think it's important ot take care of your appearance, and wear your favourite little black dress if you want—but you shouldn't be stressing about what to pack and what to wear. Travel light. For real.  

The most important piece of advice I can give you?

Pack your smile.

Pack your confidence.

Pack you business cards.

And pack your most comfortable shoes. Because most of the time? You'll be on your feet. So bring those flats. 

And have fun. You'll be certain to find your bliss. 

For more articles, tips, and tricks to help you get organized and make the most of your blog and business visit our BlissDom Canada 2014: How Do You Find Your Bliss? page.

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5 Awesome Beauty Products

Tried, tested, and true: These five beauty products for face and hair do their job fantastically well.

5 Awesome Beauty Products

I love shopping for and trying out beauty products. I could spend hours in stores like Sephora and Murale, and at all beauty counters in major department stores. Every few months, I fall in love with something new and add it to my "must-have-must-buy-must-tell-the-world-about" list. 

Currently, here are my five favourite beauty products:

1. Moroccan Oil: I love going to hair salons that use Moroccan Oil on my hair. First of all, it smells divine... so, so good! And secondly, it makes hair so silky smooth and soft. I use it every day, and it takes away the frizz, too. You can pick this up at most hair salons. It is totally a hair game-changer. It costs $43.00—a little expensive, but trust me, it's worth it!

2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lip gloss: I love lip gloss and lipstick. Although my favourite is still MAC's Saint Germain, I always experiment with new shades of pink, and YSL always makes great lip gloss and lipsticks. This one is amazing, and has great lasting power. MAC lipstick usually sells for $15.00, and YSL is a bit more expensive, at $34.00. It's sold at Sephora, Murale, and Holt Renfrew. 


3. Aveda Be Curly: For days when my hair is not straight, I air dry it naturally, and there is one product I swear by: Be Curly by Aveda. Like Moroccan Oil, I find Aveda products smell delicious, and they actually do what they're supposed to. Be Curly is perfect for anyone who has curly hair, and wants a product that fights frizz, helps bring out the best curl, and smells good. It works best right after a shower, and you can just let your hair air dry. I also use it when my hair is dry, if I want to bring out more curls. This sells for about $23.00, though some salons sell it for a bit more. Shop around, or shop online at 


4. Burberry Body: I love things that smell good, but I'm sure you've figured that out by now, right? Adding to my list of best fragrances ever is the new Burberry Body for Women. It is so, so good. It's $75.00, and you can buy it at Murale and any department store. I usually stock up on Optimium Points and when I have enough, I always treat myself to a new perfume. Free! Gotta love it. 

5. Benefit Ooh La Lift: I love everything by Benefit, really—from eye liners to eye shadows, Benefit makes great products in adorable packages. The Ooh La Lift is great to wear under your eyes, and just under your brow bone. This product is an instant under-eye brightening boost and helps "... perk up tired eyes." I wear this after all my other make-up has been applied. Consider this the best pick-me-up for your eys. It's $26.00 and it's sold at Sephora and Murale. 

So there you have it—five of my favourite must-have and must-use beauty products that I currently can't live without!

What's your beauty product must-have?