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Perfect Hostess Gift Ideas

How to get invited to every party of the summer

One of the things I love the most about summer is all the entertaining we do—from pool parties to backyard BBQs, summer is all about gathering friends and family together and having a great time. I also love friends who entertain, and I never show up empty-handed.

Of course bringing a great bottle of wine is always a great idea, but here are some other gifts you could bring to your hostess that'll be sure to keep her smiling:

Anything Poppin: These are not very typical hostess gifts, but I love the new Poppin collection at Chapters/Indigo! I was in love when I saw all the pens, office supplies, and notebooks, and I know if someone came to my house with a pack of pink pens or a pretty notebook instead of a bottle of wine, I'd be just as happy. Everything is very reasonably priced, too, with items starting at $9.00. 

Vase: You can never go wrong with a pretty vase, especially in a pretty pastel colour like this one from Chapters/Indigo! Just put some fresh hydrangeas in it, and you've got one great hostess gift that'll make her (or him!) smile every time she (or he!) uses it. This vase sells for just under $25.00. 

A pretty apron: I have an apron from Anthropolgie, and whenever I wear it, I feel like a domestic goddess—even though, let's not kid ourselves, it doesn't magically turn me into Martha Stewart. It's super cute, though, and makes a great gift! This apron is $32.00.

Thank You cards: I love having pretty thank you cards at home because I believe in sending out cards to people who do nice things for you. What better way to thank your host than by leaving her with a personalized thank you note, and a set of her own, too? I love these from Everyday Grace! 25 cards are $65.00.

Coasters: I love these "Be Who You Are" coasters. You can order these online from Nordstrom for $30.45.

Pretty Mugs: I love this set of four mugs. (They are from Nordstrom, too!) I'm in so much trouble when this amazing department store finally opens its doors in Canada. This set of four mugs would make any friend smile, and they're $34.81 for the set.

Glass Pedestal Stand And Dome: I think this is simply adorable. A perfect way to display cupcakes or other dessert, while keeping the pesky fly away—and sneezes, too! This set is from Pottery Barn, and each one is $18.09. 

I hope some of these gifts have inspired you to go shopping for a hostess gift—even if you don't have an upcoming party to attend, it's only a matter of time, and if you've already gone shopping, you'll be ready to go as soon as you get the invite!