Swim Suits For Every Body

Get ready to suit up and hit the beach in style

Swim Suits For Every Body

Summer is finally here, and I am thrilled! Warm, hot days and sunny skies? Bring. It. On. 

We'll be spending a lot of time lounging by the pool this summer, and vacationing to South Florida. That means I'll be in a bathing suit most of the summer. Sure, it can be a little scary (and motivating to get in shape!) but when you know where to shop for the proper swim wear, it's not as bad as you might think!

You already know what to pack for the beach, now here are the bathing suits you should bring along with you!

Miraclesuit has a huge selection of swim wear, from sexy one-piece bathing suits to tankinis to two-piece suits. The choices are endless, and so are the colours. I love the support these swim suits provide, even though they are a bit pricey. It's worth it to invest in a good bathing suit, in my opinion. Gone are the days I could buy string bikinis on the beach in Acapulco for $10.00! I need the extra support now. And these suits are so sexy!

You can't go wrong shopping for swim wear at Old Navy. The prices are so ridiculously affordable, you can stock up on a few of your favourites, guilt-free! There is a massive sale going on right now, too. All the swim wear in the pictures below are under $20.00. And, again, the choices and colours are... endless! (I just bought that green striped bathing suit, and it's so comfortable!)

I love the one-piece bathing suits from Victoria's Secret. I have ordered online before, and I've never been disappointed. The bathing suits, and tankinis, fit true to size. Whatever your bra size is, go with that for the top. Most bathing suits are under $60.00 right now, and if you're getting the Magicsuit, (top left; provides even more support around the stomach area) you're looking at paying around $154.00. Check out their online clearance section, too, for cute pieces you can mix and match.

Letart has some really gorgeous bathing suits, bikinis, and cover-ups with adorable names in the collection like Greek Tycoon, Hawaiian Valentine, Jetsetter, Palm Paradise, and Riviera Stripe. Le Tarte is a bit pricey, but again, you're paying for quality. I like to invest in an expensive suit, and stock up on cute suits that are more affordable. 

Make sure to check out the amazing suits at Change Lingerie too, and see some of our writers and readers modeling them!

Now, you're totally ready to hit the beach in style!

Happy suit shopping!


Top Five Summer Beach Essentials

All you need to be beach ready this summer!

Top Five Summer Beach Essentials

Summer is practically here, and that means one thing: vacation time!

You already know how to pack for your vacation, but before you go, make sure these yummy beach essentials are in your bag to ensure a fashionable and stylish time away.

Top Five Beach Essentials:

1. Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm (With SPF 15): This is my go-to lip gloss for the summer. It's cute, sleek, and provides the SPF protection I need for my lips. Lip balm with an SPF is essential! It's super moisturizing, and leaves my lips soft while adding a hint of shine. It's also a great primer before putting on your lipstick. (Wait, I'm not the only one who wears lipstick to the beach, right?) This lip balm is available at drugstores like Shoppers Drug Mart across the country for under $5.00.

2. Beach Hat: I love wearing hats, espeically in the summer. I just picked up a new fedora for only $50.00 from Holt Renfrew. I've noticed some amazing beach hats at Bikini Village and Gap (love the yellow ombre floppy hat for $29.95) that would look great on anyone!

3. Sunnies: I love sunglasses—they're my all-time favourite accessory that can be worn no matter the season, especially during the sunny summer months. I tend to splurge when it comes to sunglasses because I will wear my favourite pair year after year. I have two pairs of Chanel sunnies that I wear all the time. I'm very classic when it comes to sunglasses, but I totally love these bright sunglasses by Kate Spade. They're available at Holt Renfrew for $165.00.

4. Tote bag: Of course you'll need the perfect bag to carry all your things in, right? Book, iphone, sunscreen, sunnies... and of course, all the essentials your children will need, too! Here are some tote bags I love right now that are perfect for your summer vacation:

5. Cover Up: Ladies, you must know by now... unless you're five years old or younger, you should always wear some sort of a cover-up over your bikini or bathing suit when you're not in the water or lounging by the pool (wearing sunscreen, of course, preferably in the shade!) It is classy, and I promise, you'll still look fabulous. The best cover-ups (in my opinion) are from Bikini Village, and they're very reasonably priced—and on sale right now, for only $12.00. These sarongs can be worn short or long, and you can get creative and wear it like a dress over your swim wear, too. They come in many different colours—red, orange, white, black, and blue. 

Here's a picture of the white one I wore a few years back, that I still use today. (My mom is beside me!)

I also love stocking up on cute dresses from Old Navy and wearing them as cover-ups. Here are some I love that double as beach cover-ups, for only $15.00. You can totally wear these on their own, too!

Next up:

Shopping for the perfect bathing suit and...

summer essentials for the kids!

Stay tuned... and until then, happy shopping, everyone. 


Peekaboo Beans Clothing: Smart, Stylish Clothes For Kids

I see you...in pretty pastel summer dresses and adorable plaid shorts

Peekaboo Beans Clothing: Smart, Stylish Clothes For Kids

I love shopping for my children. I'm not too picky when it comes to what clothes I buy for my children, as long as the quality is good, and the clothes are comfortable. 

I love discovering new companies that meet my shopping expectations, like Peekaboo Beans.  I love their clothes! They make clothes for boys and girls that are versatile, comfortable, and stylish. Most of the Peekaboo Beans clothes come with wide, flat elastic waistbands and have iron-on care tags with seamless stitching. They also provide longer length shirts for kids with little "buddha bellies." How cute is that? Looking for pants with an elastic waist is something I've struggled with in the past for my boys, so I especially love this aspect of Peekaboo Beans Clothing. It makes shopping eesier for me when I'm looking for something for my boys.

I've mentally added many pieces to my shopping basket already, like:

This skirt! Isn't it pretty? It's only $44.00, and simply adorable.

I also know that my lovely boss Erica loves the company and that her children love the clothes, too. Sold! It's great to find quality clothes for your children through word-of-mouth, don't you agree? (Especially when you trust the opinions of your friends!)

Peekaboo Beans Clothing was a created by a mom who wanted quality, safe, fun clothes for her children, and it's certainly a fresh approach to playwear. I love that Peekboo Beans only uses comfortable fabrics and that the clothes come pre-washed—no shrinking surprises! The clothes also come with a chin guard, to protect little chins from those painful zipper accidents. Very thoughtful!

The clothes come in a variety of sizes: 6 to 18 months old for boys and girls, and girls and boys size 1-8. They also have a tween line for girls in sizes 8 to 14. 

I'd love to buy this dress for my little niece. I love the colours, and it's just under $50.00. This is a perfect summer dress.

Peekabook Beans is not available in stores, but you can shop online or through Independent Play Stylists. I love that you can also host in-home Playdate Soirees, too, with friends. Hosting an in-home shopping playdate is a fun shopping experience where your Independent Play Stylists comes over with the entire collection. The moms and dads can shop while the kids play! 

I love these shorts and this top for my boys.The colours are SO great for summer. The shorts retail for $46.00, and the top is $38.00.

And if you're looking for a new career, or something to do to keep busy? You can always join the Peekaboo Beans Clothing team—they're always looking for new people to join their team as Play Stylists!

For more information or to book a shopping party, contact Vicky Bisson at vicky@peekaboobeans.com

Happy Shopping!