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Birthday Wish List

Even if it's a fantasy one, what's on your birthday wish list?

With my birthday just days away, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the things I am currently coveting. The things I'm showing here are all things money can buy, but the only true wish I have for my birthday is to enjoy the year surrounded by my lovely family, and my friends. I am more than thankful for everything, and I count my blessing every moment of every day. The only gift I need, I already have—my two children. 

But... on my fantasy birthday wish list, here are some of things that I'd love:

UGG boots: Winter is coming, (yes, I know it's not even fall yet, but I'm getting prepared early) and the only thing that's making me not fall into a deep depression is the fact that I can go shopping for cute boots that'll keep me warm. I am in love with these UGG boots. Yes, UGGS. They don't only come in one style, you know!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull: I consider my LV Speedy purse my number one fashion accessory. I use this purse almost every single day. It's been through a lot with me over the years, and has even survived a broken eggs explosion inside. Although I'll always love my Speedy, I have been loving the Neverfull a lot lately. It's just so roomy... and beautiful.

California Closets: I am dreaming of a closet re-org in a bad way! I try so hard to stay organized with my clothes, and I do well changing things up every season, but after a few days, I find clothes in piles on my floor and I get so mad at myself. If I had a dream closet like this, surely I'd have an easier time keeping everything neat and organized, right? 

Valentino Shoes: What is it about shoes that we love so much? Perhaps we love them so much because there are so many stunning pairs to choose from, and they're always, always the perfect fit! Aren't these Valentino shoes perfection? Sigh...

Capri for two: I'd love to get on a plane and head to Europe with my husband. The last time we were in Europe together, we went to Santorini—the world's most breathtaking island. This was, of course, before we had children. Although we have plans on going overseas  with our children soon, (we wanted to wait until they were old enough to get the most out of a trip like that) I'd love to take a vacation with my hubby to Capri, Italy for a few days. Or Paris. Or Monaco. You get the idea.

What's on your fantasy wish list?