Shower Your Mother in All Things Beautiful

Shoppers is your one-stop shop for all things fabulous for Mother's Day

Shower Your Mother in All Things Beautiful

Shoppers Drug Mart has come up with the What's Your Mom Style quiz. I took the short (just a few questions!) quiz and based on my answers I received a personalized list containing products and items that would make perfect Mother's Day gifts for me.

My personalized list was so bang-on accurate that I had to run and show my family. 

My style, based on my quiz responses? Trendy. And based on the products on my list? Totally accurate! I love shopping and the new trends of the seasons, I love make-up, and I love trying new colours and products from my favourite beauty brands.

Here are some of the items that were on my list for this Mother's Day:

Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow: I've tried these eye shadow pots before and they're fabulous. In fact, I'm even picking up a couple for my mom this year—she appreciates make-up as much as I do!

benefit Watts Up Highlighter: This highlighter is amazing and it's been a product I've been coveting for a while, and now that it's on my official list, I feel like doing a happy dance. With jazz hands.

stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm: This make-up primer is a must-have, and it's the one product I'm recommending to all my mom friends. This beauty balm will make it look like you have flawless skin, and will make you look like you've had your make-up professionally done every single day.

Quo Baked Bronzer in Beach Babe: With summer just around the corner, I am all for getting a bronzed, sun-kissed look in a safe way that doesn't involve a tanning bed. This bronzer is perfect, easy to apply, and another must-have item for me.

Quo After the Monsoon Brush Collection: A new set of make-up brushes is something I have needed for a while, and this set is exactly what I've been looking for at an affordable price.

My list has other fabulous items on it like the Quo by Orly 18 piece mini Mother's Day set, with colours I can wear from season to season, benefit Silky-Finsh lipstick in My Treat, Lise Watier HAUTE COULEUR High Coverage Liip Lacquer in Rouge Catwalk, Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara and smashbox Cream Eye Liner Palette in Metallic.

The shopper in me? Totally excited to try these!

Now that I've shared my personalized list with you (and my husband!) what are you waiting for? You can take the quiz here. Find out if you're natural, glamourous, classic or trendy. And you can tell your mom to take the quiz, too. That way shopping for her will be a breeze this year!

Click here to take the quiz to find out what your style is.

Happy Mother's Day—and happy shopping!


I am Addicted to Online Shopping

I Took A Walk On The Wild Side. And Now I'm Paying For It. Literally.

I am Addicted to Online Shopping

I love to shop. Yes, I should get this tattooed on my body, but that would be tacky. Instead, I'll just write about my obsession here, where more people can read my words.

I have always loved shopping. Vacations to the USA and Europe are always more amazing, because there is always some great shopping to be done. Bags filled with new purchases make me damn happy. I love placing new items in my suitcase and folding new bags underneath to bring back home with me, always risking being caught by customs for spending too much money. Yes, this has happened far too often for my liking. Of course, most of my favourite stores, with the exception of a few, are now in Ottawa, and if not Ottawa, in Toronto. So, I don't have to overdo it on the shopping when I'm on vacation now.

I have asked myself what is missing in my life that I have to use shopping as a substitute, and the answer is . . . nothing. No, my life is not perfect, but there is nothing missing. I'm not filling a void by buying new shoes, and it's not like I'm so bored I have to shop. Nor do I want to replace it with gardening. 

I hardy have time to shop anymore, with work, and blogging, and family life, and friends, and being ever so present in my children's day-to-day lives. I don't go to the mall every week, even though I'd like to. Of course, there is another way to shop. A way to shop without even having to leave the house. A way to shop in which I can wear my pjs, if I want to. Heck, I could shop naked and no one would know. And so, it happened to me this weekend. I finally gave into online shopping.

Sure, I've bought things online before, like movies for my children I can't find anywhere else, or a pair of shoes that are not available in my size in stores, but for the most part, I love shopping in peson. So, I didn't give online shopping much thought. I like to touch—running my hands over new clothes—and I love trying things on before I pull out my credit card. With online shopping, you don't get to touch or feel or try on, you just have to trust your instinct and know your body. And know what you want.

For me, I currently want 1,200 dresses from ModCloth.

I'm in so much trouble, you guys.

I can't get these dresses out of my head!

I have planned attending events I'm not even INVITED to yet, knowing exactly what dress I'll wear. I bought one dress this weekend, and I have a few more in my must-have folder, ready to buy, if the first dress is a success. Yes, I've become addicted to ModCloth.

The best part? The affordable prices. The ridiculously wonderful how-can-I-stop-at-one-dress-they're-so-cheap kind of wonderful. And so, if you're looking for a specific dress—in red, white, blue or red—or if you're looking for a dress that'll make you look as good as the women on Mad Men, just go to ModCloth. You will find and find and find exactly what you're looking for, and then some. And you'll feel great. And the pretty dresses will make you keep coming back for more. And you'll be all like, "Who needs to ever get off the couch again? ONLINE SHOPPING FTW!"

Ahem. It was nice knowing you, PayPal account . . . 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated at all for this post. However, if ModCloth wanted to sponsor my wardrobe for life, I would totally be down with that.


Beauty With Heart: Falling In Love With The Body Shop Again

Bonus: A Sweet Giveaway For You!

Beauty With Heart: Falling In Love With The Body Shop Again

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of The Body Shop. It started years and years ago, with a tube of strawberry lip gloss. From there, I discovered Vanilla Perfume Oil, and of course, White Musk perfume. And when I first tried the Brush On Bronzing Beads, I fell in love. My favourite purchase from The Body Shop, though has always been the Coconut Body Butter. It's my most favorite body lotion and I use it every single day.

This week, I was invited to a special evening at The Body Shop where I had the chance to talk to Body Shop make-up artist, Bahar Niramwalla, who is the beauty expert on the Marilyn Denis show and a contributor to The Globe and Mail. I also got to experience the new Pulse Boutique store design. I loved the new look of the store, and completely fell in love with the entire make-up line and all the new products. I forgot how fabulous and affordable make-up from The Body Shop was!

You know what else I love about The Body Shop? Their five core values: Support Community Trade, Defend Human Rights, Against Animal Testing, Activate Self-Esteem, and Protect Our Planet.

Make-up can be such a beautiful thing, you know.

You know what else is a beautiful thing? The new Honey Bronze line.

The Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, the Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder, the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, and the Honey Bronze Lip Nectar are all fantastic products that leave your skin feeling soft and with a subtle hint of bronze—or a deeper bronzed look, if that's the look you're going for, which is totally the look I want this summer! I'm beyond excited because not only was I given the entire new line (squee!) I'm thrilled to be giving away the entire line to one of my fabulous readers, too! That's right...all of it. How incredible is that? I love the bronze, I love the shimmer, I love the natural sweet smell. Seriously, you guys? I'm totally buzzing with excitement. (Get it? Buzzing?) And you will be, too. You're welcome.

And just so you know, these products contain fair trade honey from Ethiopia, so not only will you look and smell divine, you'll know that you're wearing products that are doing good for our planet earth.

To enter to win the Honey Bronze line, leave me a comment telling me what your favourite Body Shop product is!


Yummy Rules and Regs: You must be a Yummy Mummy Club member to win. Click to sign up! (http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/user/register) It's free and filled with perks. One comment per member. Entries accepted until April 23rd. Winners will be picked using www.random.org.
​Good luck!

Disclaimer: As a thank you for attending the event, I received The Body Shop Top 10 consumer favourites including shower gel, shea butter, eye make-up remover, and other fabulous products from their line.