COVERGIRL: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Make-up I Love.

How to be a Perky Tease in a few easy steps.

COVERGIRL: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Make-up I Love.

I absolutely love shopping for make-up. Shopping for make-up is fun, easy, and you never leave unsatisfied. Much like shoe shopping, there is almost never going to be drama in the fitting room, because make-up fits even on the most bloated days. Also, make-up always makes me feel good, and I never leave my house without some make-up on. Actually, I don't even leave my bedroom without make-up on. I'm no slave to fashion, but I do like to take care of my appearance. Which reminds me, I need to start hitting the gym on a regular basis again, but I digress...

Make-up is an easy part of my daily routine, and I have mastered getting it done in five minutes. The quicker I can get ready means the more time I'll have to spend in the stores I love, like Sephora and Murale, stores that carry a lot of my favourite make-up brands. I also love hitting the make-up aisle in Shoppers Drug Mart because it's often there I'll find my new favourite mascara or lipstick.

I was recently sent some fabulous new make-up from COVERGIRL and I instantly fell in love. I received 5 different shades of the new COVERGIRL Blast Flipsticks, which are lipsticks in a variety of amazing shades that you can mix and match to create your unique shade.

I fell in love with Perky and Tease and my favourite part about these Flipsticks is how long lasting they are. Coffee, lunch, more coffee, and I seriously don't even need to re-apply. How great is that?

I also received the COVERGIRL and Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation. One tiny pea-sized pump instantly covers any discolourations, fine lines or wrinkles you might have, and the foundation feels light and airy going on. I've never used foundation before, but this new product is part of my daily routine now! Not only are you getting great make-up coverage, you're also helping to improve skin tone while hydrating your skin at the same time, which is a total bonus.

When it comes to mascara, it's not easy to fall in love with the perfect one. However, after trying the new. COVERGIRL LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara I've got a new must-have in my make-up bag.

Of course, what good is all this fabulous make-up if you only read about it, right? Not to worry, COVERGIRL is letting me give away my two favourite shades of the Blast Flipstick's to one of my amazing readers! I know you'll love Perky and Tease as much as I do. You'll also receive the COVERGIRL and Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation, and the new COVERGIRL LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara!

To win, please leave me a comment telling me what your favourite make-up product is!

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IKEA: It's More Than Common Sense

Why I love IKEA for all things for the home

IKEA: It's More Than Common Sense

It was one of the biggest news stories in Ottawa a few months ago. It caused major traffic delays, people took time off of work, and it was the number one story on the evening news. What could this exciting news be? Oh, only the fact that the largest IKEA in Canada was about to open its doors in Ottawa, that's all. Yes, it was a big deal, and yes, it is awesome that the city I live in is home to an IKEA of this size.

I was at the Grand Opening party at IKEA right before the doors opened to the public, and I was very impressed with the new, massive store. The new IKEA in Ottawa is 427,000 square feet and has 55 show rooms, and so much more... everything! Get this: there are 640 seats in the restaurant. That's a lot of Swedish meatballs!

Ikea has always been one of my favourite stores, and since becoming a mom, it's been pretty much the only store I shop at for everything and anything I need for my house.

The picture you see in the header to this post? That's my oldest son, on his IKEA desk, and chair, in  his room. Of course, making good use of his time, playing Minecraft. IKEA is in every room of our  house.

My kitchen has a hutch where all the children's folders are kept that keep us organized, and my family room has two massive book cases on either side of TV stand, all from IKEA. The armchair I nursed both my boys in is from IKEA. Our basement couch and my husband's desk, also from IKEA. Yes, we are big fans of the store, because IKEA makes quality products - their furniture lasts. Also, the prices at IKEA simply cannot be beat. Of course, we also have the famous cups, bowls, and plates from IKEA's children section, that have lasted us for years, and a variety of toys and, of course, storage solutions from IKEA!

The children's play room in our basement is wall-to-wall IKEA wall shelves and shelving units. The room always looks good and organized, and that makes me one happy mom. 


After weeks of going from furniture store to furniture store to find my oldest son a proper bedroom set that would last until he decided to move away (when he gets married! No sooner!) we went to IKEA and found the most perfect queen-sized bed for him, with matching dresser, night table, and book case. He loves it, and we love it. IKEA is just as amazing as Pottery Barn Kids, but with better prices. We recently bought our four-year-old his own double bed, too, from IKEA.

I go to IKEA for frames, for kitchen products, and for furniture. It's my go-to store for everything I need for the home. And? After all the walking I do in this massive IKEA, I don't even have to hit the gym later! My wallet and my waist-line love me. And a great shopping trip means I'm always satisfied!

Disclaimer: This post was written as a review for IKEA Canada.