The Perfect Gifts For Mother's Day

Mother's Day Presents (Wrapped In A Pretty Bow)

The Perfect Gifts For Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day, even though, in all reality, I think it's a day that should be treated like any other. I cherish the time I spend with my children, always—and I don't need a reminder to take time to do something nice for myself just because it's Mother's Day. At the same time... one Mother's Day I woke up to find two gifts for me from Tiffany & Co., one from each of my boys. It was a D and a C locket to put on my Tiffany & Co. bracelet, and I wear this bracelet every single day!

Even though (in my opinion) the best gift to receive on Mother's Day is long-lasting hugs and kisses from your children, some gifts wrapped in a bow are also special too.

Here are some presents that would make great Mother's Day gifts to receive—or to give:

Citrus Silver necklace: I was lucky to receive this personalized hand-stamped sterling silver necklace at a pre-Mother's Day event I attended with Ali recently. I love it—it's simple, beautiful, and has the names of my children on it. All of the pendant designs by Citrus Silver are made in Canada, too. This would make the perfect Mother's Day gift, I think. This pendant is only $49.00, too. The chain is an additional cost.


Fresh flowers: I love fresh flowers in the home, and my heart totally melts when my children hand me flowers—those they've picked themselves, or the ones they've carefully bought for me. This image is from Pinterest—I love the bright pink flowers. Also, spending a few hours without interruption on the Internet so I can browse through all the gorgeous pictures on Pinterest is a gift in itself, too.


Tig's Closet bracelets: I recently ordered a few bracelets from Tig's Closet, and they are so stunning. They are gorgeous, affordable, and the perfect accessory to any outfit. I LOVE my bracelets, and I can't wait to order more!


Artwork: Nothing completes a home like a piece of art hanging on the wall. I love original pieces of art, and I always consider the art I buy as an investment for the home—paintings are items that'll be around forever, handed down through generations, and they never lose their value. I'm a huge fan of Katerina Mertikas, and not just because she's my mom. I love her art... and am proud to have many of her pieces in my home!


Spa Day: Okay, who doesn't love a day at the spa? If I could get a professional one hour massage every day, I totally would. I love treating myself to massages, pedicures, manicures, and facials. Taking care of myself is a priority, and it should be a priority for you, too! The Stillwater Spa in the Park Hyatt hotel is offering some amazing Mother's Day packages for the entire month of May—how fabulous is that? Here are some of the great offers for May:

The Perfect Day: Essential Facial Or Swedish Massage, Essential Manicure and Essential Pedicure $278.00, plus a $25.00 Spa Gift Certificate for you!

Baby and Me: This Mom-To-Be Massage can be either traditional or in the water. It's a relaxation massage that helps alleviate any discomfort due to the changes the body is experiencing. $145.00.

Bestie and Me: How amazing would it be to have a spa day with your best friend? What a great idea! Enjoy side-by-side treatments including massages, manicures and pedicures, or even customize your spa escape any way you'd like!

For more information about this, and to purchase a Mother's Day gift card, contact the Stillwater Spa Concierge team at 416-926-2389 or email [email protected].

Happy Mother's Day shopping... and no matter what you do, enjoy your day!


Smart Philosophy

The Products Your Skin Will Love

Smart Philosophy

I recently discovered the Philosophy skin care line—and I fell in love right away.

I am fortunate to receive a lot of beauty and skin care products to try out so I can write about them here on my shopping blog. If I love a product, I can't wait to share the news with my lovely readers. After a week of using several skin-care products from Philosophy, I wanted everyone to know how great these products are which will, in return, make shopping for skin-care products more fun!

Top Five Best Philosophy Products

Miracle Worker: This is Philosophy's "...exclusive hpr, high-performance retinoid" eye area cream, and it's called Miracle Worker for a reason! I noticed a change in a couple of days, and it's now part of my day and night skin care routine. This cream helps surface cell turnover and supports natural collagen to dramatically improve the look of your eyes, and it reduces wrinkles and discolouration and helps with under-eye bags and dark circles, too. It sells for $65.00.

Purity Made Simple: This is Philosophy's award-winning daily facial cleanser. It promises to gently cleanse, tone, and melt away all face and eye make-up while hydrating the skin. At first, I was very unsure about trying a cleansing product that would also do a good job at removing eye make-up, but I was happily surprised to see that I don't have to use a separate eye make-up remover anymore! Seriously—this is my favourite Philosophy product. It does a fantastic job, and yes, it even removes eye make-up including mascara! It retails from $10.00 a bottle to $50.00 a bottle depending on the size you buy.

Hope In A Jar: This moisturizer is soft and fluffy and works amazingly well. It's also the moisturizer that Oprah made famous, as you might remember! When I first tried it, it felt almost like a light moisturizing foam. This sells from $15.00 to $115.00. And it's worth it!

Full Of Promise Treatment Duo: When I spoke to Philosophy, I asked for a product that would help lines around face. I'm not twenty anymore, and I'm noticing things that didn't used to be on my face now that I'm in my thirties! This treatment duo (for uplifting days and volumizing nights) helps by providing an instant tightening sensation, and also helps support natural collagen. "Facial contours are more defined, skin looks lifted and feels remarkably youthful." This product that I use both day and night gets my two happy shopper thumbs up! Cost: $75.00.

Full Of Promise: This product is a dual-action restoring cream for volume and lift, as well, and I use it after using the Full Of Promise Treamtment Duo. I absolutely love it! This must-have product retails for $65.00.


Now, isn't that smart Philosophy? I love discovering new products that become part of my daily beauty routine!

Happy Shopping!



The Best BB Creams

The hot product that's taken the beauty world by storm

The Best BB Creams

Guess what beauty products have been getting all the buzz in the makeup world recently? BB Creams!

From the pages of my favourite fashion magazines to the stores where I love shopping for cosmetics, BB creams (also known as Beauty Balms) are suddenly everywhere. I love anything that can help hydrate my skin while covering up any trouble spots while providing some great SPF protection.

What was once the go-to beauty secret for people living in Asia and Europe has now made its way to North America, and now, well, it's the beauty product that everyone is excited about. What exactly is a BB Cream, you ask? Good question! Basically, BB cream is like a great tinted moisturizer but more. It's a product that combines a moisturizer, a primer, and a foundation with SPF protection. Isn't that such a cool concept? And don't you just need to go shopping rightthissecond?

Here are some of the best BB creams on the market right now:

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB:  Maybe she's born with it, but I bet she uses Maybelline. This BB cream is $10.00 and can be purchased at Target, Shoppers Drug Mart, and pretty much any store Maybelline is sold. This BB cream provides a nice light coverage that's also oil-free.

Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Perfecting Beauty Benefit Creme SPF 35: I adore Estee Lauder makeup, and this is a fantastic all-in-one product that is very lightweight that gives skin a healthy glow. It is sold at The Bay and Murale for $45.00.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream: Who needs a trip to Sephora? Now you have the perfect excuse to go there! This Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream retails for $50.00 and provides amazing protection and coverage.

MAC's Prep and Prime BB Balm: I love MAC, and this BB cream is primarily intended to be worn as a primer. It works on retexturising skin while providing UVA/UVB SPF 35 coverage. When you layer it under foundation it evens out the skin tone and gives your makeup extra lasting power—bonus! Check out your nearest MAC make-up counter to purchase this product. It sells for only $36.50.

Bobbi Brown Beauty Balm SPF 35: Don't you just love Bobbi Brown makeup? Now you can also get a BB cream by Bobbi Brown! This is the perfect moisterizer offering great protection with an SPF of 35. You can buy this for $50.00 at Murale.
B. Kamins Morning Glow BB Cream: This is one product I have not yet tried, but it's hugely popular, and it's sold at Murale. It's an 8-in-1 multi-tasking beauty balm that provides all-day hydration (something my skin definitely needs) while it brightens your face. You will be simply glowing—in a good way! It goes on sheer and offers natural looking coverage. It sells for $49.00.
Happy BB cream shopping, friends!