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Co-Hosting the Grand Opening of terra20

Ottawa's newest eco-friendly department store: Doors officially open!

A brand new department store has opened in Ottawa—no, not Nordstrom, yet—that's a whole other blog post of excitement and squees and OMG! FINALLY! But for now? I'm talking about the new terra20 store that took over where the old IKEA used to be in Ottawa's west end.

I was asked to co-host the grand opening of terra20 and I enthusiastically agreed. After all, there is not much more I love about shopping and being present at grand openings of new, fine stores in my city! I was the host of the grand opening of Lilac Lingerie a while back, too, which was great fun. (Um, and Nordstrom, if you're looking? I'm free to host your grand opening, my 2015 is totally open right now!)

Anyway, terra20 is huge—like bigger than Homesense huge—with one key difference: everything in the store is eco-friendly and good for you, and the environment! terra20's one purpose?

"To encourage a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. We do this by seeking out innovative products—from sustainable fashion to green household supplies to all-natural baby products—and creating the largest selection under one roof."

They even have an eco-bar, and while you can't enjoy healthy drinks like wine, you can replace your household cleaning supplies with eco-friendly alternatives at one of several ecobar dispensers. It's a great way to save money, too, and you'll be using things are not harmful to you or your children.

terra20 also has a huge cosmetics section and even features Yummy Mummy Club's own Dan Thompson products! He was also in attendence the day of the grand opening, and he was swarmed by women who wanted their make-up done. I didn't even get a chance to say more than three words to him!

I'm also happy to report terra20 has an amazing section of household items, linens, towels, toys, and children's clothing. They also have a great section on women's and men's fashion, too.

I almost bought this awesome white winter coat that I fell in love with, but then I remembered I'm the mom to two young boys, so it wouldn't have been a wise decision. However, it's an awesome coat, totally warm and soft and affordable.

I had a great time co-hosting the grand opening, and seeing all the excited shoppers. I know I will be back, because the store is packed with items for every room in the house that are eco-friendly and shopping for things that are good for you and the earth? Guilt-free shopping, my friends!