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Perfectly Canadian Converse

Everyone loves their Chuck Taylor sneakers, but here's a pair with a twist

Who doesn't love their Chuck Taylor or Jack Purcell Converse sneakers? They're the sneakers that never go out of style, and are perfect for every member of the family—kids, moms, dads, everyone. 

Converse has sneakers in many different colorus of the rainbow, so you're sure to find a pair that's for you, and now, you can even own a pair that's very unique... and Canadian!

Converse just announced an awesome collaboration for fall with The Hudson's Bay Company: The Jack Purcell sneaker collection. 

"This collection merges the worldly heritage of the iconic Hudson's Bay mulit-stripe blanket with the equally iconic Jack Purcell sneaker, executed in the brand's primare signature colours." 

The coolest part? The actual woolen blanket we're all familiar with is actually used in these one-of-a-kind shoes for Fall 2013. 

The Converse Hudson's Bay Company Jack Purcell sneaker collection is available exclusively at Hudson's Bay stores, and they'll be selling for $120-$140. 

Do you love these new sneakers? What a great way to step out—Canadian style!