Kat Armstrong: Celebritease


The Worst Summer Accessory

Not even celebs are immune

Ah, summer. A chance to catch up with our favourite shows we may have missed during the regular season (in rerun), staying cool in the theatre with the latest blockbuster and playing outside with our kids. But one thing that happens every single summer is what I consider to be the worst fashion accessory—the deep, dark tan. 

Gone are the days that a tan was a sign of status (Hey, look! I can afford a vacation!), and with good reason. Skin cancer is a preventable disease if we make sure we protect ourselves and our kids from those harmful UVA and UVB rays. And it seems like Hollywood is (mostly) on board...except a few bad eggs.

Kim Kardashian

Oh Kim. Quickie marriages, dating some of the craziest celebrities around, and in 2009, a BRUTAL sunburn. Kim tweeted, "Help! I got a sun burn" and flashed this photo:

I can't even imagine the pain she was in for weeks after this. I've had two bad sunburns in my life and both were unbearable. 

 Christina Aguilera

X-tina is getting better at staying under wraps with her fair skin and fair hair, but she's had her moments of orange-glory. Luckily for her skin, she switched to self-tanner...but that lead to the now infamous photo of her singing at Etta James' funeral earlier this year. 

Donald Trump

The Donald. As he's gotten older (and crazier), his skin has become more orange. Proof women aren't the only ones vain enough to try and get that (un)healthy glow under the lights of a tanning bed. How does he not realize that the tan makes him look older and increases his chances of melanoma? 


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Gym. Tan. Laundry. The mantra of the "Guido" on Jersey Shore. No one took that "Tan" part to heart more than pint-sized Nicole "snooki" Polizzi. She tanned so much, she was nicknamed the Oompa Loompa. She looked terrible. A joke version of herself. However, Nicole announced her pregnancy earlier this year and immediately stopped tanning. Hopefully, she'll continue along that vein since we all know that our actions as parents speak louder than words. Hopefully, this pale, healthier Snooki sticks around, cause she's much cuter. 

For more info on sun sense for your family, check out The Canadian Cancer Society's pages on protecting our kids.