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Would You Watch A 'Saved By The Bell' TV Movie?

Down and dirty history of a favourite 90s sitcom, or cleaned up revival movie?

Matt has never seen Saved By The Bell. His best friend and I tried to school him by making him watch the "Friends Forever/Zack Attack" episode a number of years ago, but he just. didn't. get. it. Well, maybe now I can try and school him again, because Lifetime is producing a behind-the-scenes movie of the kids on the show. Things could get interesting. 

Dustin Diamond (Screech) wrote a raunchy biography in 2009, where he claimed that sex, booze, and drugs were rampant on the set. Although he has since partially recanted (he now claims that the raunchiest bits were actually his ghost writer going crazy), many just take his word for the wild backstage antics. Sadly, Lifetime says they are using "new interviews" with the stars to tell the behind-the-scenes story of arguably the most popular tween/teen show ever (sorry 90210, but SBTB is still in reruns).

I love these kinds of made-for-tv movies, and Lifetime is really amping them up. Between this, the Whitney Houston biopic, and the Aaliyah one, Lifetime's got my vote for throwback memories as trashy tv! 

Will you watch the SBTB movie? 

Kids' shows can be annoying, irritating, or dull. But there are some shows that we are happy to watch with our little ones