Date Night: The Dark Knight Rises

Chris Nolan's made a perfect summer blockbuster

Date Night: The Dark Knight Rises

The opening weekend of The Dark Knight Rises was marred by some pretty gruesome stuff, but the star of the film really showed how awesome The Batman can be. This tragedy has shadowed possibly the best big-budget movie I've ever seen, and I really hope you get out there soon to show your support for this movie and its great stars.

Director and Co-Writer Christopher Nolan tried really hard to pull Batman out of fantasy and into reality, grounding the comic book hero in the real world, with real evil and real outcomes. This is something that really shines through in TDKR. It seems like the whole series of Batman films done by Nolan and his brother were to this end. I wondered how they'd close out this franchise (Nolan has famously said he's absolutely done making Batman movies and that he always knew he had a precise story to tell), and without spoilers, I'd like to say that I think they did it pretty darned well.

It's clear that Heath Ledger's death affected the movie they wanted to make (The Dark Knight seemed to be a Joker introduction for a bigger piece in the following film), but Tom Hardy picks up the mantle as Batman's nemisis Bane quite nicely in this one. For those of us with a bit of comic book Batman as a background, too, introducing Bane seems just right for so many reasons. Tom Hardy is a terrific actor, and as you see in the trailers, he wears a very intense head mask thing. But because of the quality of Hardy's voice acting and the expression in his eyes, he pulls Bane off magnificently (best line, "Do you feel like you are in charge?" said so calmly, so intensely...it was just perfect). 

The other huge surprise for me in this one was Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman). When we first heard internet rumours that Selina Kyle was going to be in the film (and everyone made it clear that this wasn't Catwoman) and that it was going to be Anne Hathaway, I have to admit, we were beyond skeptical. But she really does a bang up job. And her costume? Amazing!

anne hathaway as catwoman

She's not wearing "cat ears" either. Those are her goggles, which, when flipped up give the appearance of cat ears. There's no tail on this cat-burglar, but all claws.

Chris Nolan really knows how to pull out the best of emotions in his actors, and Michael Caine is no exception here. His Alfred has always been spot on, but this time he was just so beyond good, I got very teary more than once.

Sure, there are probably nit-picky things here and there that I could bitch about, but the movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes long and I had to pee like 30 minutes in, and I was GLUED to my seat. GLUED.

Nolan shoots a lot of stuff on IMAX cameras for the theatre and I really wish more people would. IMAX technology is far superior to all this 3D garbage I've been seeing lately and is worth far more in the long run than 3D in my humble opinion (and a Canadian company/invention!).

Tragedy aside, this movie is so fantastic that I highly recommend you get the sitter. It would probably help if you had some idea of what happened in the previous films though, because I really believe that Nolan has set this franchise up to be watched from start to finish.

I just really hope no one tries to revamp this in 5 years like they did with The Amazing Spider-Man. Yesh.



An Interview with Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska

Surprisingly honest about the truth behind parenting.

An Interview with Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to chat with Chelsea Houska, 20-year-old mum and one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom 2. Being a mum is hard work at any age, and I'm often a little disappointed with the way some of the girls on the show act. But then I remember, they really are "babies having babies."



How did you get involved with the producers of Teen Mom?

I was pregnant when the first season of 16 & Pregnant aired. I was sitting on the couch with my big belly, I was, like, 5 months pregnant at the time, and I was sitting with my friend, and I said “I want to do this.” I went on the MTV website and then I e-mailed them. I never thought I was gonna get on or anything.

What was it like when you found out you were pregnant?

I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant, and I was terrified. I was dating Adam for about a year, and, I was, like, terrified. So afraid to tell my dad. I told my mom first, and she was disappointed. I said "don't tell dad" cause I didn’t want to tell my dad for as long as possible...my parents are divorced, and I knew she'd told him after he started calling non-stop. I didn't answer my phone and I stayed at a friend’s for a while, and when I got home, my dad gave me a big hug. Everyone is really supportive in my family.

I know you’ve had a tumultuous time with your ex, Adam. How has that affected your family life?

Adam sees Aubree from time to time. He’s still in her life a little bit. His parents are really, really, really great. Aubree sees them. I have been doing this alone, my family is there to help me. They sort of take the place of where Adam is supposed to be in terms of support so that’s been good for us.

Living real life in front of the camera seems daunting—how do you make it through filming? Are you ever worried about the negative impact all the cameras may have on Aubree?

Aubree has had the cameras in her life since she’s been born (sic). I have thought about “is this bad?" But I think it’s going to be good. I will be able to explain all this to her later. I want to be in control of all the stuff she’ll see when she’s older about Adam and all the stuff with him.

What have you learned from being a young mum?

I was thinking today that before I had Aubree, I always thought how stressed I was. I can’t believe I ever thought of that before. I do everything for her. My life revolves around her, what’s best for her. I had to grow up a lot. It’s so crazy, cause it happened so fast. Here I am, (with the responsibilities of) a 40-year-old in a 20-year-old’s body.

What will you tell Aubree about being a teen mum?

I am going to make sure she knows about pregnancy prevention and that I am open to her. I’m going to tell her how hard it is, and I want to be really open with her. I think that’s really important. All parents need to make their children feel comfortable talking about this stuff.

Do you think it’s important to try and steer her away from potentially being a teen mum herself?

It’s important! I’m really gonna work on it with her. I had to give up so much, and I just want her to live out her young years, and find someone great and do it that way, the normal way,  'cause I know she’ll be happier.

What advice do you have for other young girls who may be pregnant or want to become pregnant?

I want these girls to understand that there’s so much time for that. Once you have a child, you can’t act how you did. You have to give up so much. You still get fun times, but it’s not the same. You never get back to that carefree lifestyle. I know I thought I wouldn’t care, but now, I’m already sad. It does bug me. I missed my prom. I don’t think young girls realize that.

What’s next for Chelsea?

I’m in school now, and I want to continue with that. I’ve always wanted to do hair, so I’m doing that. I don’t know how long teen mom will happen, but I’m enjoying it. I want to finish school, have a salon or work in a salon and just do what I always wanted to do.


I have to admit, it was nice to see Chelsea both vulnerable and strong at the same time. I can't imagine having become a mum at 17. I can barely handle it some days now, and I'm 33. I'll definitely be checking out the next season of Teen Mom 2 this fall to see what's going on with Chelsea and Aubree and the other girls. 

So, spill it. What do you think about Teen Mom?



Jackson Children Custody Battle

What is going on with the remaining Jackson family?

Jackson Children Custody Battle

Jackson Family Saga! Apparently some of MJs siblings are fighting with their parents over the future of Paris, Prince, and Blanket. There was a crashing of the gates, questions of who should legally be raising the three kids and the administration of MJ's sizable estate. There are a lot of questionable pieces to this puzzle, so let me try and get us all sorted here because this is beyond weird.

10 or so days ago, legal guardian of the kids, Katherine Jackson "disappeared" for what she said was going on tour with the remaining Jackson family for their "Unity" tour. She hadn't been heard from. On Sunday night, eldest Paris tweeted, "8 days and counting I'd like to talk to my grandma </3" 

Monday, a photo surfaced of grandma Katherine in Arizona with daughter Rebbie playing Uno with the family. However, LA County sheriffs said that they were "acutely" worried about both Katherine and the three Jackson minors in question as they were denied access even by phone to talk to the matriarch. 

Later that day, everything erupted. There was a showdown between Janet and Jermaine, the cops showed up and all hell broke loose. It was revealed that Janet, Randy, Jermaine and a few of the other Jacksons have filed to have the executors of MJ's estate removed (this includes the guardianship of the children to Katharine Jackson). Reports of the Monday incident also include an account (via TMZ, so take it with a grain of salt) that Janet got into a scuffle with Paris, slapping her, breaking her cellphone and calling her a "spoiled little bitch" with Paris responding, "this is our home, get the fuck out!"

MJ left everyone but his kids out of his will, and tongues are wagging that this is the reason that some family members are contesting executorship. Others claim it's because Katherine is abusing her power and using it to sell off MJ memorabilia without consent of the family. 

Yesterday, Randy went on Al Sharpton's Politics Nation (PS Al Sharpton is SKINNY now)  to claim that the executors faked MJ's will and they are contesting it. Paris tweeted "Family. Can you feel the sarcasm?"

As of Wednesday morning, Tito has jumped ship and Marlon was in tears on The Insider asking his mother to call him. Randy supposedly was the one who sent their mother to sister Rebbie, but for what actual purpose, we can't be sure. 

I'm thinking, maybe that Randy sent mother Katherine away so that the rest of the kids could do this ambush? Supposedly, she'd fired some executors on the request of the kids who believed they were not doing their jobs properly, but Katherine didn't fire everyone and that's angered the Jackson kids. But why is Janet involved? She always seems to be the voice of reason, and of all the Jackson children, she seems to be the most "normal" and least in need of financial assistance (cause guaranteed, this is REALLY about money).

Whatever's going on, these people have to get a grip. This seems like something that would play out on Cops.....did I mention that someone drove a vehicle through the gates of the house? Yep. That happened. 

See, celebrities are just like us....if we were raving lunatics.

So, spill it! What do YOU think of the Jackson Family Saga?