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Talking Parenthood With Jill Barber

Planning a Family is Different When You're a Musician


Next up in my Talking Parenthood series is the wonderfully talented singer-songwriter Jill Barber, who has an infant around Lauchie's age, the gorgeous Joshua. I loved being able to chat with Jill about family planning and how being a musician effects that decision making process. 

I can't imagine how strange it would be to have to get up and go on tour in the first few months of parenthood, but Jill, like many other moms seems to be handling her situation with style and grace. Matt and I have planned our family, and we found so much stress in just having our kids under seemingly "normal" situations, so I can't even imagine what the conversations would be like in planning a baby around touring, recording an album or any of the other situations a musician of Jill's calibre would find herself in. 

But I also bet that Joshua is loving every minute of his life! 

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