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Katey Sagal's Covers

A Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer for Almost Anyone


When I started watching Sons of Anarchy last year, I noticed the voice of the singer used near the end of a few episodes was very familliar, so I texted a friend and asked, "Who is singing?" She shocked me by telling me it was star of the show, Katey Sagal! What I didn't know was that Katey, while being a famous and accomplished actress, is also an accomplished singer. She sang backup for Bette Middler in the 70s and has sung all through her career. I got a chance to listen to her new album of covers (called Covered) and speak to her about the album, the show and her golden touch. 

I really loved listening to her album and chatting with Katey, and I think if you are pressed in the next 24 hours for a gift, her album might be right up lots of people's alleys. 

Hope everyone has a Merry Xmas!