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Sherri Shepherd's Brutal Divorce Keeps Getting Worse

View Co-Host Didn't Expect This


As society changes, and we get to experience new things, new issues crop up. Open adoptions, blended families and surrogacy all help grow families. Surrogacy can sometimes slide into a slippery legal slope as biological parents and surrogates may change their minds. This is the case for View co-host Sherri Shepherd and her ex-husband Lamar Sally.

Things are so messy, it's taken me some time to actually get everything in this drama straight. 

Here's the deal: Sherri and Lamar divorced earlier this year, and that divorce wasn't without its drama. However, at the time of their divorce, they'd already hired a surrogate to carry a baby for them. Now, Lamar is suing for full custody of the baby that Sherri claims she does not want to parent and that she was tricked into having. Sherri is basically claiming that Lamar is a gold-digger and it was his intention to rope her into having this child in order to ensure that he would get money from her in child support. Sherri is claiming she never really wanted the child and this was all an elaborate ploy. 

My head is reeling.

As if divorce wasn't hard enough, throw this into the mix. I don't even know what to feel about it, and have a hard time imagining not wanting a child, but I guess that Sherri really feels put upon, and perhaps that the child isn't actually hers. What upsets me, though, is that this baby is going to enter the world with so much negativity surrounding her. And if Sherri is right, that the baby was conceived as a ploy, well, that's just terrible.

What do you think? Do ulterior motives play a part in the decision to have a child? I guess this happens fairly regularly, but with the use of a surrogate?

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