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Why Bethenny Frankel's Pajama Photo Doesn't Make Me Mad

Reality Star In Hot Water Over Internet Photo


Ok, here we go again! Former Real Houswife Bethenny Frankel tweeted out a photo of her in her 4-year-old daughter's pajamas and the tweet was met with instant backlash, harsh criticism and personal attacks. Basically, once the photo went out (Frankel herself sent it), the responses ranged from, "what is wrong with you?" to "you are doing a great disservice to your daughter who may not be the same genetic make up as you and think that she needs to fit into an intense beauty ideal!"

I say we should all back up for a minute. Yes, Bethenny Frankel is intensely skinny. Yes, she owns a brand called Skinny Girl. Do I think for one second, however, that she put her daughter's clothes on to showcase her body, to shame her child or anything else? Nope. 

I think, (as Frankel said later) that her daughter asked her to put on her pjs for a laugh. And she did. She actually looks pretty ridiculous, no? 

I used to have a photo of our own Kat Inokai in one of Henry's sweatshirts. It was nothing but comedy. 

I guess it's a slow news week and we're looking for someone to pick on. I mean, I do ridiculous stuff with my kids all the time, just don't have tens of thousands of twitter followers to track my every dumb move. If I could put H's clothes on for a laugh, I certainly would. And like the meme says:


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