Kat Armstrong: Celebritease


Duchess Kate Nude on Film

Who is to blame; the paps or the royal couple?

So, by now, I'm sure you've all heard about the photos snapped of a topless Catherine Middleton while at a private (and secluded) home on vacation in France. They were published by some French publications as well as an Irish one. The Royal family was enraged. They argue that the privacy of the young couple should be respected and that the private home at which they were staying was almost half a kilometer from the road where the photogs were hiding in the bushes (gross). 

I completely and totally understand their desire for privacy (I keep saying "priv-assy" in my head like a royal), especially in light of the awful way William's mother was killed 15 years ago but I'm not sure that she should be going topless at all if they don't want leaked photos of her to come out. 

I know, this may sound strange especially from a full-on Windsor-phile like myself. HOWEVER, being in the public eye the way the young couple are, the fact that she will one day be Queen and the fact that the British Royals are famous the world over just for being born into the right family make them easy, sellable and exciting tabloid fodder. The tabs will go to any lengths (including hiding in bushes 500 meters away) to get top-secret shots of the young couple. 

Do I think the photographer had a right to take and sell these photos that are CLEARLY a violation? No. Not at all. 

But, do I think that if someone is afraid of having their privacy (priv-assy) violated, they maybe shouldn't be topless on a terrace someplace. 


And just to be clear, I have no problem with topless sunbathing. Boobs rule!


So spill it! What do you think of these recent photos? Can someone take the blame?