How to Stop Being a Pop Culture Curmudgeon

Why Hollywood doesn't need to change — I do.

How to Stop Being a Pop Culture Curmudgeon

I was just having a fascinating conversation over on Facebook with Jackie Gillard and #YMCCommunity member Christella Morris about Dallas Buyer's Club and how I really disliked it. We got to talking about a bunch of things and basically, I realized I'm sort of a misery about stuff around Oscar time every year. I power watch all the nominees (sometimes for a second time) I can fit in in the week leading up, I read everything, and I mentally prepare myself for all the goodness and spectacle that inevitably lets me down. I know it's coming. Part disappointment and part anti-climactic-up-too-late Sunday night. 

But, much like my recent stance on parenting, it's not what needs changing. I am. 

My perspective needs to shift, and it's going to be very hard for me. Why? Because I'm 2 parts Comic Book Guy and 3 parts Trekkie. I'm a miserable nerd who complains that the film (or TV show ahem GoT) didn't get it right. And all that does is make me insufferable and bloody annoying. 

So, while I can't promise to totally stop being miserable, I'm going to work better at being less grumpy and more excited. And I'm excited about all sorts of stuff. Like RuPaul's Drag Race S6 just starting up, and taking my kid to the CN Tower this week. Things are more awesome than not, and I've got to remember it. 

But, be prepared, all this cheer might make me happy or something. And we wouldn't want that, would we?

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Kardashian Kids Launching in Kanada

Taking over the world, but do we really need it?

Kardashian Kids Launching in Kanada


Generally speaking, I don't mind the Kardashians. Sure, the show is ridiculous and "momager" Kris is creepy the way she pushes her whole family into the spotlight, but I do think that they also can get unnecessary flack just for being "do nothing" famous. That being said, they have their names all over tonnes of brands, and have now just added it to another: Kardashian Kids, exclusively at Babies R Us. This would have already gotten a big MEH from me if I hadn't opened up my own store for littles, but it seems to have considered with that perfectly (I promise, I'm not going to constantly talk about This Little Piggy, this just happened to come along at the exact time I announced it here).

The line isn't particularly terrible, and I don't have daughters, but I think a head-to-toe stretch leopard print outfit for a baby seems a little much, no? 


I guess, for me, I'd rather spend the money on quality, locally made products. And, I don't have a daughter, so maybe I would feel differently. 

What say you? Do you think you'll buy the Kardashian Kollection for babies? Are you as sick of the K bull as I am?

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How Hollywood Surprisingly Inspired My New Business

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places

How Hollywood Surprisingly Inspired My New Business


If you follow me on twitter, or we're friends IRL, you probably already know that I've now sucessfully managed to take my second love (babies) and make it into my own business. My friend and now business partner Faye and I decided that we wanted to take our expertise and knowledge of baby products and move into a retail store that carries all the stuff we love. So, we started This Little Piggy and everything (so far) has fallen into place.

Now, you'd think that baby gear and clothing and pop culture don't have a lot in common, but here's where you're wrong. A lot of my inspiration has come from Hollywood. And in some pretty interesting ways. 

Inspiration 1: Jessica Alba's daughter Honor

This one was fun, and surprising for me. Toronto company Wee Urban makes gorgeous, bright basics for babies and toddlers and they are so well loved that even Jessica Alba has her daughters in their dresses. Of course, if it's good enough for Alba, it's good enough for my shop, so we found Wee Urban and happily carry all sorts of their stuff. 

Inspiration 2: Awards shows gifting suites

Another Canadian product that we sell at TLP is a huge hit with Hollywood dads: The Sleep Belt. Jonathan Seeach got one during the GGs, and it's been popular amongst all sorts of dads as a perfect "kangaroo care" belt. Even Backstreeter himself, AJ MacLean got and loves using his sleep belt with his little babe:

Inspiration 3: Just for mom

This is a section of the store that is super important to me. Most mamas don't take time for themselves, and we think it's important to have things like nice unders, rest, lotions and clothes that make you feel great. My biggest inspiration for this is mamas like Gwen Stefani, who take care to make sure they feel great, while raising their kiddies. 

Inspiration 4: Mompreneurs

Moms like Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani, and our very own Erica Ehm went out and worked hard in business for themselves and their families, and it made me realize that it's important to see my dreams through. So, that's what I've done, and I can't be more excited. 

Inspiration is funny, and Hollywood can be a strange place, but life's short, so why not go for things, right? 

What strange things have you been inspired to do via Hollywood?


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