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Gisele Bundchen is a Breastfeeding Badass

Silly negative reactions around supermodel mom at work


Gisele Bundchen posted a photo last week of her getting ready for an event while breastfeeding 12 month old Vivian and lots of mamas online seemed a little peeved about it. I think the whole thing is silly, and wanted to talk directly to you about it, so, here I am, in my messy house, ready to share.


Actress Emmy Rossum even made fun of the photo the other day on her instagram. I say, let's just keep rocking our own lives. Hell, Beyonce managed to out Beyonce even herself by secretly releasing an album over night a few weeks ago. Every situation is different, but we should applaud all women and mamas for working hard and raising their kids in all sorts of situations. I have a lot of cards stacked against me, but I still manage to spend lots of quality time with my kids, own my own busineses, write this here blog (my favourite!) and just enjoy life as much as possible within the confines of my own life. 

Way to go, Gisele. Way to go, all mamas. 

What do you think about the photo and it's backlash?