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Netflix Movie Review: How To Be A Man

Couch Dates Can Be As Rewarding


So, when I started this blog almost two years ago, I tried really, really hard to go to the movies at least once a month in order to write movie reveiws. It was fun, the odd time I got out, but having a toddler, working full time (at the time) with a husband who works restaurant hours was challenging, to say the least. Then, Lauchie came along, and, well, the last time we went to the movies, the projector broke and we were SOL. 

Recently, I noticed a pattern with Matt and me. His one real day off a week is Wednesday, and we always settle in for a movie or to catch up on one of our shows after the kids go to bed. It's our own version of a date night, only on the couch. Usually, with Netflix. This got me thinking, why not review movies I know you guys are wondering about? So, here we are.

Instead of you scrolling through ten million things trying to decide what to watch, I'm going to start reviewing shows and movies we watch on Netflix so that you know what's worth it for your couch date nights. 

Sound good? 


Recently, Matt and I watched How to be a Man starring and written by Gavin McInnes. McInnes was one of the founding editors of Vice magazine, but left a number of years ago to pursue his own writing and start his family (he now has three kids). The movie centres around Mark (McInnes), a man who has breast cancer and has a girlfriend who is expecting their first child. He wants to put together a movie outlining all the rules for "manhood" he would like to impart on his unborn son before he dies, so he hires a young, budding documentarian to follow him around for a few weeks to make the movie. 

Bryan (played by Liam Aiken), the young camera man, not only catches Mark at his best, (and also his worst) but also learns from him. At times, incredibly funny, this movie is also more vulgar than I expected. If you aren't into "dirty" humour, this movie might not be for you. If you're into something a little more edgy, I'd say go for it. This movie definitely aims to please young dads and dads-to-be between the ages of 30-40 and, depending on your cultural point of reference, is pretty decent. 

I personally dug this movie, but I'm also a fan of McInnes' Twitter and love his website. It was a great way to spend a date night and gave us both something to chuckle about while giving us a bit of longing for those days before Henry came around. 

Check it out and tell me what you think! 

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