Solange wedding, beyonce
Solange Knowles got married this weekend. It was fabulous, because of course it was.
If you've done any of these things in the past 24 hours it's possible you've misplaced your mojo.
This picture, to me - and to every other parent of newborn multiples - is just too much.
beyonce thigh gap
What do you think? Did Beyonce photoshop her thighs in this photo?
grandmas reading beyonce lyrics
While it's hysterical to hear these grandmother's talk about the lyrics in Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" what's not so funny are the provocative lyrics.
What do you think about the backlash caused by the supermodel posting a picture of herself breastfeeding while getting ready for a photo shoot?
These celeb dads are sparing no expense to provide a lavish present to their lovely wives for pushing out a baby.
Beyoncé's foray into nutrition and health comes at a steep price.