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#NowOnNetflix: Gold Medal Documentaries

The Olympics aren't just for sporting events


Yet another confession from me: I love documentaries. I always have. Reality TV's sophisticated sibling. Slice of life film. Topics that run the gamut. Netflix Canada has an amazing selection of docs, but right now, for the Winter Olympics, they are airing a number of winter-sports-themed movies that look spectacular. 

There's a doc about snowboarding called Horgasm: A Love Story; an awesome looking movie about the 1972 Canada-Russia series, called Summit on the Ice; and a Netflix exclusive, called The Fabulous Ice Age about the evolution of the ice shows that we now generally bring kids to. They all look really neat, and, for me, are the interesting part of sport. 

I have always loved watching the little athlete vignettes that are shown during competitions, and these are feature length versions of those. The human element and story are what really draw me into events like the Olympics, but I may skip this year's competition for these movies instead. 

Will you check out some of these movies over the next few weeks? If documentaries aren't your thing, Netflix also produces new episodic dramas!