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Is Lil' Kim's Baby Shower Request Over The Top?

Would you buy a baby gift for your favourite celebrity?


So, I assume most of us had some semblance of a baby shower (maybe even against our wills!), but I'm also sure none of us ever requested non-invited guests to bring gifts....right? 

Well, it seems like we aren't quite as famous as rapper Lil' Kim, who last week released her 5 (FIVE!) registries to her fans via Instagram last week—from Babies R Us to Tiffany & Co! Kim's people claim that her fans were asking what they could give her for the baby, and instead  of "nothing," which is what I assume a normal human would say, she went ahead and let them know that she was registered for loads of high-end things at stores like Petite Tresor.

Some of the items on the registry included a $125 piggy bank, a $450 high chair, a $1,500 crib, and a nearly $8,000 stroller. While buying those types of things for my kids to poop and barf on is mind boggling to me in any circumstance, the idea that someone would ask total strangers to purchase them is just beyond. 

I know that every person affords what they can, but I'm a practicality girl and there's not a lot on these registries that seem practical. But I'm not a celebrity, just a celebrity writer, so who knows? Maybe that $200 Peretti heart baby brush IS better than the little soft bristle I would buy at the shop. 

What do you think about this sort of thing? Do you think it's OK for a celebrity to release a registry like this? 

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